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For the longest time, fans of multiple franchise have done crossovers or have wondered what it would be like if their fandom crossed over with their other fandom. A common one is The CW's Supernatural, BBC's Doctor Who and Sherlock. Together it forms SuperWhoLock. I am part of all three fandoms and I am still hoping, wishing and somewhat praying for a crossover episode.

This isn't the first time a fandom has created or crossed over titles. Dinsey has been shared with Harry Potter, where the Disney characters dress up as students at Hogwarts and are even sorted into their houses. There has also been a crossover of The Walking Dead with Disney's princesses. Below is a list of Movies and shows that fans are begging have happen.

1. Supernatural with The Walking Dead

Although Supernatural has dealt with a somewhat of a "zombie" episode, and how The Walking Dead deals with "zombies," fans think it would be a perfect opportunity if they ran into Rick's group. With how popular zombies are getting and with how demons are still popular, this episode could be promising.

What handsome fellows, amiright?
What handsome fellows, amiright?

For this episode to happen, I was thinking, perhaps there is a sickness starting and maybe someone from Rick's group time travels back and tells them what will happen if they don't cure the sickness. Cas zap him and Sam and Dean into world of The Walking Dead, and there, they team up with Rick and his team taking out zombies and teaching them where to shoot, who to trust and what the apocalypse is. Before Sam and Dean get zapped back to their time, they sadly find out there is no cure and it's already too late. At the end of the episode, a sick person comes back to life and it blacks out as Dean or Sam shoot them in the head.

Epic posters!!
Epic posters!!

What do you think of that? I think it would be promising and fans would really enjoy it. In fact there are producers on The Walking Dead and Supernatural that work on the shows so maybe an episode is in the looks for the future.

2. Monsters Inc. and Despicable me

Disney and Pixar's Monsters Inc. has been introduced to generation after generation when it was released on DVD. Fans have been begging for a sequel, and Monsters University (though it was very cute and funny) left fans wanting something more. When Despicable Me came out, kids and parents were fans of the movie series and lately allot of have been thinking up of a cross over between the two movies.

So adorable
So adorable

Perhaps in this movie, Mike and Sully find the girl's closet door. But Mike and Sully both hear talking on the other side. The minions are ready to fire once the door is open maybe even capture who is on the other side. Once Mike and Sully are capture maybe they team up and take on Gru's new enemy or maybe they can scare away the monsters that the girls are afraid of. With how cute the poster is, this would not only make a cute and funny movie but also one the whole family can enjoy for years to come.

3. Star Wars and Doctor Who

Star Wars and Doctor Who have been around before I was even born, it shouldn't be surprising that fans are asking for a crossover. Perhaps this could be special that could run for two hours or maybe even an hour.


Perhaps the Tardis runs into the Death Star (this could happen in 4-6). The Doctor meets Luke. Luke is learning his ways with a light saber and becoming one with the force. Maybe after Obi-Wan's death, the doctor takes him in and they travel, finding other jedi who can train and teach Luke the ways of the force. As they travel, they meet Hans, Chewie and princess Leia along the way. As they travel they can see that Darth Vader and his crew are after them and Luke practices his light saber skills with the Doctors help.

Perhaps the Doctor even learns to fight with one.
Perhaps the Doctor even learns to fight with one.

When they reach the swamp, that is where they meet Yoda and Luke and the Doctor know this is where he can complete his training. Here, Luke trains with the force as the Doctor, Hans, Leia and Chewie go off to defeat Darth Vader and his army. At the end, peace is restored and the Doctor must continue on with his travels and Luke gives him a light saber for the Doctor to remember him.

This picture though...
This picture though...

What do you think of that story line? it almost seems as though episode 4-5 would have to have a few changes to them or maybe even the doctor shows up between episodes for a new story line to take place. What story comes to mind when you think of Doctor Who crossing over with Star Wars

4. Rise of the Guardians and Frozen

A couple weeks after Frozen came out, fans of the movie started coming up with couples that would fit Elsa. Fan fiction was stormed with different characters that had similar powers. The cutest and top person for her is Jack Frost from DreamsWorks Rise of the Guardians. From fan fiction stories, to fan art its no surprise that Jack and Elsa make a very cute Couple.

Look how cute they are, how could you not ship them
Look how cute they are, how could you not ship them

For the story to unfold, maybe Elsa could be the next guardian and it's up to Jack to go and get her and tell her the happy news. There he meets Elsa, but Pitch has already caught up to and maybe making her afraid of her powers again. Once Pitch has left its up to Jack to save her from her nightmares and to hep her control her powers. Of course they fall in love and maybe at the end they kiss.

5. The Surviving Games

Picture this, Hunger Games meets Harry Potter, Divergent, Percy Jackson and The Immortal Instruments. With how intense these books can get and with great fighting scenes with love stories on the side, these action and fast paces book series would make a great crossover story.

Can you name all these symbols?
Can you name all these symbols?

Just like how in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, how names were chosen to participate in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, and how in the Hunger Games two people are chosen to go fight in an arena, Percy Jackson, Divergent and The Immortal Instruments, all characters could meet up during one a competition and team up to defeat and rebel and end the competition.

With thousands of fan fiction, videos, and pictures storming the internet, it wouldn't surprise me if someone picked this up and turned it into some big movie or even a TV series. What do you think would happen if all four met up?

6. Avatar: The Last Airbender meets Disney

A few years back, picture were storming the internet with the Disney's princesses having bending powers just like in Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender. Each Princess was given a different bending power depending on what they live and what their story was based on. Check out each bender below.

Water Benders


The father's of Disney and Merlin

Princess Aurora



Earth Benders



Snow White



Air benders


Fire Benders





With these awesome six crossovers, fans have written stories, made videos and even fan art with their imagination. Disney has gone from Avatar to Harry Potter and now they are entering the Avengers world. Nerds are always coming up with crossover names and hoping some how their favorite shows will collide with other favorite shows.


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