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Whether you're having a Blue Steel, Magnum or even Le Tigre sort of day, you're never too ridiculously good-looking to be above having a Barbie modeled after you.

Zoolander 2's Ben Stiller is no stranger to being the "It" guy, as he has been tirelessly working his Zoolander magic to promote the highly anticipated sequel.

Remember this stunt, where he channeled a mannequin at the Valentino store in Rome alongside Hansel (Owen Wilson)?

Let's not forget the time he challenged world-renowned model Cara Delevingne to a walk-off in Paris.

Now we get to know all about that Zoolander model life by playing with some Barbies. At least we can play pretend.

1. Did somebody say spa facial?!

Visiting to prepare for the big premiere of . 1st stop: DAIYE SPA!!! @BarbieStyle at the @beverlywilshire

2. Now let's take a selfie.

@BarbieStyle is insanely hot, Even when she is TRYING to do her best LOL... More like Icelandic Fjord meets Lemon Squeeze!

3. Nothing says glamor quite like sun-kissed skin.

I really want to show off my beach body but for A) I don't think that Instgram is even ready for that and for B) my epipermis may melt and then none of my coorporate brand sponsors will be very happy. ? @barbiestyle

4. Cycling for our soul!

Getting a good post-spa post-beach pre-shopping spin in my system. @SoulCycle is like spinning for the soul. It also makes my perfect body feel less stiff and keeps my thighs toned so that they don't touch because ew that would be so gross! @barbiestyle

5. Juice it up, Barbie!

Me and @BarbieStyle ran into (who's not on Instagram because it's "not real" whatever that means) at @pressedjuicery having our mid-morning shot of chlorophyll water X date juice X hemp seed oil X matcha squeeze X moringa X sea salt X spirulina X no vanilla bean and

6. Do these purses make me look really, really, really, really ridiculously good-looking?

S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G T-Y-M-E I wonder what accessories @BarbieStyle will wear to my movie premiere tomorrow? @maisonvalentino? @burberry or @marcjacobs? Maybe X @donatari_69?

7. Valentina isn't exactly happy about this "innocent" brunch.

At an innocent friends brunch with @barbiestyle when @penelopecruzofficial walks up all mad like but I'm like "it's not what it looks like! It's only lettuce!" And then She was all like "No Derek, I can't trust you after the @caradelevigne incident!" and I was like "but it was sugar free champagne!" And then she was all "I'm talking about you cheating on me Derek!" and then I was all "oh" and then she was all "oh? hi Barbie" !!! But then of course Barbie says "No problem! I like new friends!" LOLOLOLOL so anyways, I wonder who I'm going to bring as my date tomorrow to the premiere? @aocla

8. Hollywood hike? Check. Now here's the selfie to prove it.

Selfies unite people. Let us all join together and be in 1 ridiculously good looking picture that is literally flawless. I mean, do you see our skin? It's as smooth as a smooth baby and we didn't even use my beautifying skin smoothing app. Also, you girls are getting ridiculous with your workout couture these days! @penelopecruzofficial @barbiestyle

And there you have it. Now you too can become a sexy model/merman/eugoogalizer. You know, one who speaks at funerals? Or did you think we were too stupid to know what a eugoogly was?

Zoolander 2 hits theaters February 12.

[Source: PEOPLE]


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