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Let's be honest, everyone loves when real stories get an on-screen adaptation! Especially the ones in which "normal" expectations are challenged by someone with a lot of determination and a will that can not be broken. Michael 'Eddie' Edwards is an example of just that. A hero that is a slight bit awkward with a whole lot of charm. Mix that up with snow, skis, and some very thick glasses and you get an Olympic story that is captivating yet completely relatable. Other than the fact that the character himself will make your heart warm, it isn't the only reason why Eddie The Eagle will make you smile. Here are a couple takeaways that you'll leave with once you fly with Eddie.

Real Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards.
Real Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards.


Cool Ruunnings, 1993.
Cool Ruunnings, 1993.

Remember Cool Runnings? You laughed, you probably cried and you were left with something you don't feel often -- hope. Eddie The Eagle will give you that exact feeling. Follow your gut and good things will happen; who knows maybe you'll be the next Olympic ski jumper.

80s Music Knowledge

Who doesn't like to hear some feel-good 80's tunes once in a while? The story is set on this decade so the music fits perfectly and transports you. Eddie was jumping on the screen, I was bouncing in my chair. Couldn't resist to this song.

A Rising Star And A New Role To Love

Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman. Who would have thought? What an amazing duo. We know Hugh Jackman can do anything and he shows it one more time on this film. If you're looking for a new role to love him in, this is definitely it. Taron was a surprise for me. I've seen him kick-ass in Kingsman, but seeing him bring some emotional depth and quirkiness to this role only has me excited to see him in the future.

Follow Your Dreams

Finally, this film will inspire you to pursue your dreams and who doesn't need a little encouragement once in a while? Wanna take over the world? Get over your insecurities. Perseverance is key!

Make sure to catch Eddie the Eagle in theaters February 26th!

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