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Is it snowing out? Did they cancel school the night before? Now you are home with your kids with nothing for them to do. I've had that same problem, and my kids asked me once what it was that we did before Internet, cell phones and electricity. My answer was simple, I introduced them to what were my go-to movies when I was their age. Yes, I just aged myself, don't judge me. This list is in no particular order, but they are all great to watch with your kids.

1. Labyrinth

This movie, like some of the ones on this list, focuses on practical effects and will introduce your kids to what it was like when puppets and music collide.

2. Goonies

I watched this movie with my son and some of his friends. They spent most of the movie comparing each other to the characters they were watching. It would be a great movie to show and teach about real friendship and actual face to face bonding.

3. The Little Giants

Little Giants was a very entertaining movie for my son. We saw it twice on the same day. It also had him and some friends wanting the Spring to come already so they can go outside to play football. Which nowadays is rare to see.

4. The Neverending Story

Imagination, the real lesson that will be learned when watching this movie. As I kid, it helped me with not just reading a book, but imagining what I was reading in my mind.

5. Little Monsters

This movie didn't help with removing any fears I had as a child or my son currently has about monsters in the closet, but it sure made it fun to wonder what it was actually like in there.

6. The Mighty Ducks

A underdog story about a group of kids who all come together for each other. There isn't much more that can be said about this classic movie other than enjoy watching your kids cheer these Ducks on.

7. The Monster Squad

This movie might be a scarier version of The Goonies, but it has the same message about friendship and adventure. The quote that as a kid I came out of here with was the classic "wolfman has nards!"

8. Flight of the Navigator

Probably one of the best introductions to sci-fi for many kids in my generation as it was for my kids. It is one thing seeing sci-fi movies when the main characters are all adults, but this one was the first that my kids saw with an actual kid as the lead. They truly enjoyed this movie. Right after, they saw Earth to Echo, which is something they would not have watched without seeing this one first.

9. E.T.

This one is the classic movie I always used to tell my kids about before they watched it. The message it sent about family and taking care of the ones that mattered made it the first movie we watched together.

10. Gremlins

Don't let the categorization of this movie fool you, it's way more comedy than horror. It might has some jump scares, but nothing your kids won't smell coming from a mile away. My kids don't like horror movies, and they watched and loved this movie. Right after we watched Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

My kids and I have watched all these movies. After they got over the corniness and the lack of visual effects. They enjoyed each one of them, and now watch them on their own or watch them with their little cousins.


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