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Shortly after Finding Nemo swam into theaters, and our hearts, fans of the animated underwater adventure were begging Pixar for a follow-up to the adorable movie. Now, 13 years later, Disney-Pixar are finally granting our wishes to swim with the fishes!

This time, we're diving deep to follow the exploits of Dory, everyone's favorite forgetful blue tang fish. Finding Dory will focus on Dory's search for her family after recalling long-lost childhood memories.

If you're not already sold on the promise of a sequel to Finding Nemo and Ellen DeGeneres reprising her fish-tastic role, maybe these four new posters will remind you of how magical it can be under the sea.

Stingray Squad


A surprisingly friendly-looking group!

Pretty In Pink


Pink jellyfish, that is. I doubt even the stings from the last movie will be enough to keep Dory's memory fresh.

I Sea-Weed You!


Why do I get the feeling some sort of danger lurks beneath that seaweed forest?

I Live In An Anemone


Try saying that five times fast.

From the looks of these new promotional posters from Pixar, finding Dory might be a little easier than having to find Nemo, but I'm sure it will be just as fun.

'Finding Dory' will swim into theaters on June 17, 2016.


Do you think 'Finding Dory' will live up to the hype?

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