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On my last post, I said two things that turned out to not become true. Firstly, I did not go out to see Hail, Caesar! during the weekend. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to make it to the movies or another person to accompany me. Also, I did say that there would be a post of the next entry on the “Most Anticipated” list within a day of the last entry. That also did not happen. If I disappointed any of you who were expecting something quickly, I apologize. However, I am back today with two entries. This one that I am currently writing is being posted in the afternoon while the other one will be posted tonight. This is a definite. For now, it is time to discuss my fourth most anticipated movie of 2016. After seeing a quick trailer during the Super Bowl for this movie, it reminded me of all the thoughts I have about it.

#4: Captain America: Civil War

The first comic book movie to be in the top five is the crown jewel of the Marvel franchise for this year. Civil War comes out in May, which is still three months away. There is at least one more trailer to be released before May 6th, which should finalize thoughts about this movie from what we will see. As any comic book movie fan, this movie should be high on the list of anticipation for the coming year. It is perhaps the biggest superhero movie to date, beating out Disney-Marvel’s other comic book team-up movies. The current count for men/women dressed in costume in this movie is at eleven. This does not include the potential villains who will be featured. This movie is a dream for a Marvel comic reader.

That could be the reason why a lot of people are excited for this movie, but is that the reason for me? While the prospect of numerous comic book character sharing screen time in theory sounds exciting, there is a chance that the movie will feel crowded by too many dominant characters. Not to mention, there seems to be two major characters who will be lacking from this movie: Thor and the Hulk. That causes me to pause for my thoughts of how the quality of this movie will be. I have no doubts about the entertainment value of this movie, but will this movie be Iron Man or Age of Ultron quality? That is what I am fearful of when it comes to this movie. I hope that this movie will be tied together nicely, giving enough screen time for each character that deserves it. However, the amount of characters who needs significant screen time is large for a two and a half hour movie. Civil War has to cover the story between Captain America and Bucky, the adversity between the government and Captain America, tension that causes the “Civil War” between Iron Man and Captain America, the introductions of both Black Panther and Spiderman into this universe, and somehow set up the two part sequel to Age of Ultron with a link to Thanos. Most of those could be solitary within themselves. It is the same fear that comes with Dawn of Justice. While I have more faith in Disney-Marvel than I do Warner Brothers, it is still a concerning thought.

Those doubts in a weird way add to my anticipation for this movie, which I believe will be very good. That is mostly because the men who are directing this movie made perhaps my favorite Disney-Marvel movie. The Russo Brothers brought a nice flair to the last Captain America movie which elevated it higher than a comic book movie. It felt gritty and had a solid plot supporting it. While there are some stumbles in there (which I believe is sourced from the formulaic approach that Disney wants these movies to be produced), the movie was fantastic. That movie might not have had numerous characters in it as this one does, but it did make Captain America look a whole lot better than he was in both Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers. That is where the belief lies mostly. Let us all hope that the pressures of this movie cause the Russo Brothers to have to step away like Joss Whedon.

I mentioned these two characters earlier, however, they are worth mentioning again. I am excited to see the introductions of Black Panther and Spiderman, the former more so than the latter. Black Panther deserves a grand entrance into the universe with this movie. Black Panther has a solo movie coming out in 2018, but he needs to be introduced as a strong character in this movie. There does not need to be any extended origin story since the solo movie can cover that. He simply needs to be treated as an important character in this universe that has been mostly dominated by Iron Man and Captain America. Plus, Chadwick Boseman is an incredible actor who has thrived in playing historically relevant characters early in his acting career. He is a solid actor to fill this role and bring the intensity that it needs. Meanwhile, Spiderman is finally having Disney-Marvel handling the character. While I do not fully understand the entire agreement between Sony and Disney, it is still long overdue. The interesting thing about the trailers that have been released thus far is that there is no sign of Spiderman or Peter Parker. Where will he fit into this storyline? How will they handle his introduction? Why do I have to wait so long for this movie to come out? The two actual questions I wrote down are crucial to his success. Even more so than Black Panther, Spiderman does not need an origin story. I do not want to see another origin story of Spiderman. Uncle Ben does not need to die or spew out “with great power comes…” blah blah. These two characters are crucial to the quality of this movie.

A bonus for this movie is that there has not been too much footage released during the advertisements to unveil the entire plot of the movie. While there is another trailer to be released, I highly doubt that Marvel would throw in a scene where all of the Avengers are standing in formation to fight purple Josh Brolin (otherwise known of Thanos). This movie has plenty of mystery although the plot seems to be predictable. The biggest mystery is how will this movie’s resolution set up the rest of Phase 3 and beyond. That is the million dollar question of Civil War. That is why it ranks above Hail, Caesar! The doubting is the reason why is has fallen behind the top three of this list.

There is my fourth most anticipated movie of the upcoming movie. Are you excited for Captain America: Civil War? What are you expectations, thoughts, or perhaps doubts of this movie? Leave the answers to those questions in the comment section below. Also, leave a list of your top five most anticipated movies of 2016 in the comment section as well. If you enjoyed what you have read here, return to this page tonight to read the third entry on this list. If you want more, follow my page at or on Twitter @talkmoviestome. Share these posts with a friend if you have enjoyed. Thank you all who have read this. I appreciate the support.


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