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Last night's The Bachelor was a huge shock as two women were sent home. "Which two?" you ask? Well, read on to find out.

The episode opened with the drama surrounding rumors about Olivia saying she was a mean girl, comparing other contestants to Teen Mom, and overall just being a negative entity around the house. Olivia managed to convince Ben she was worth keeping and Ben ultimately sent home Lauren H., a woman the others said was "deserving" of staying.

Date cards were soon issued and Leah was furious and hurt that, as the lone girl without a one-on-one, she was once again relegated to a group date. Ben had a fantastic one-on-one reconnecting with the bubbly Caila and seeing a deeper side to her, which earned her the rose. On the group date, Ben and the girls swam with pigs on an island in the Bahamas, but it didn't take long for tensions to ensue with Leah.

Lauren B. was getting the most time on the group date, making her jealous that Ben wasn't taking the time to get to know her. Later on, she spread rumors to Ben that Lauren B. was different in front of him and was basically a second Olivia in front of the other girls. Lauren B. ended up in tears, but had the support of the majority of the other girls.

Ultimately, Leah put the nail in her own coffin by scheduling a late night visit with Ben in his room. He was happy to see her at first, but as the conversation went on, he realized all she was there to do was bash Lauren B. some more. In a surprise shock to Leah, Ben let her go, making her the first casualty of the night.

The second date card pitted Olivia and the remaining twin, Emily, against one another on a double date. They took a fun boat ride and headed to the beach battling wind that was relentless. Both girls seemed to make positive impressions on Ben, which makes the elimination of one of them all the more shocking. Olivia confessed that she loved him, and was completely confident she would get the rose. Ben picked up the rose and requested Olivia join him, which led to the most shocking moment of the night.

He began by thanking her for sharing her feelings with him but said, "I don't think I can reciprocate those feelings," citing that as a reason to let her go.

Olivia was left stranded on the beach in shock as she watched Emily receive the rose that minutes before she had been confident she would get. It was a shocking end to the night that virtually came out of left field.

Ben truly had great chemistry with Olivia, but I think I can point to a few reasons why he let her go; first of all, when he lost two old friends in a small plane crash, Olivia was completely insensitive and talked only about her insecurities with her body instead of trying to help him cope with his grief. Secondly, more than one girl had a complaint about her behavior and arrogance, making her entirely different from Lauren B. who had just one complaint, started by Leah. He said he was letting her go because he couldn't return her feelings of love, which may have also been true; nevertheless, it was still a surprise to see her go because Ben always seemed like he enjoyed her company for the most part and was on her side in disagreements with the other girls.

Did you see Olivia going home last night?


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