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I don't think I even need an intro! That ad spoke for itself!

Now, if you're one of those people who would come the end of the year place it somewhere on your best films of 2016 list, you might want to stop reading here (spoilers and whatnot). But if you don't give a crap about spoilers and want these things right away here are my top 5 reasons why "Captain America: Civil War" would be in my eyes Marvel's big disappointment despite all the test screenings saying that it's Marvel's best movie yet.

5. Ant-Man's Costume Design

Just... just look at it. It looks like a cross between a Power Ranger prototype and a defective stormtrooper.

Now THIS Ant-Man costume I like better. I just think that it's a better look for Ant-Man than a motorcycle rider out of a teen sci-fi movie.

4. Choosing whether to be a pure adaptation of the comic or to be unique to the cinematic universe.

Now, this is a pretty big comic book storyline to adapt into a movie. It's perfectly understandable as to why we can't have Tony Stark use a robotic clone of Thor in any of the fight scenes or have Black Goliath be in the movie not to mention that pointing out the littlest of things in the movie not being the same as the comic is just nitpicking. But, this is a dark and brooding storyline we're talking about and believe it or not Joe and Anthony Russo said that this would be more 'comedic' than "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" a serious espionage thriller. Now, it's perfectly fine if they decide to use Ant-Man and Tom Holland's Spider-Man as comic reliefs but can you imagine a heartwarming moment or an intense fight scene getting ruined by a joke or funny act. Though to be fair, the Stan Lee cameos usually are hilarious.

3. It can be viewed as a rehash of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"

When you think about it, 'Civil War' can be from some points of view the exact same movie as 'The Winter Soldier' but aimed at the demographic that wanted more scenes like these...

Just replace "Project Insight" with the "Sokovia Accords", add Iron Man, Hawkeye (who funny enough was supposed to be in the second movie but they decided to just save him for "Avengers: Age of Ultron" which is a shame because it would've been nice to see him in that movie with Cap and Widow), Ant-Man, War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Black Panther and Vision, make The Winter Soldier a good guy yet replace him with a bunch of ninjas...I think.

Give Crossbones a cool costume that could possibly sell toys and less screentime, take out Nick Fury, don't put a main villain in the movie (unless you want to count Baron Zemo as such), replace Alexander Pierce with General--*ahem* Secretary "Thunderbolt" Ross and you've got a retelling of "The Winter Soldier" all over again.

Is he the new J.Jonah Jameson by any chance?
Is he the new J.Jonah Jameson by any chance?

2. How much more could they possibly fit in than "Avengers: Age of Ultron"?

One thing that "Avengers: Age of Ultron" was criticized for was the fact that they try to cram in so many characters like Col.Rhodes/War Machine, Sam Wilson/Falcon, Peggy Carter and Erik Selvig (though to be fair the former two's appearances at the end did set the bar for 'Civil War' and Captain America's vision did make some level of sense). Not to mention the number of subplots that were in there (although Hawkeye's character development is one of the movie's greatest strengths) like the relationship between Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff, Thor's vision (which to be fair sets things up for the 'Infinity War') and some other ones I can't name off the top of my head (in case I didn't catch them all) that probably went nowhere. But, we'll see how many other subplots there are in 'Civil War' besides Bucky being on the run.

Though the well-received test screenings tell me that it's gonna get more good reviews than 'Age of Ultron' or 'The Winter Soldier'.


Before I discuss the following subject, I need to say two things right now...

1: This is where all the spoilers go down so you might want to stop reading here.

and 2: Lemme show you the following video and the following article...

Ummm...Yeah. They're gonna kill off my 3rd favorite character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe next to Ant-Man and Star-Lord.

They're going to off Cap (which I knew was gonna happen when they first announced this movie at the El Capitan theater 2 years ago; also those who read the comic should know very well about this), they're going to cram in the 'Fallen Son' storyline at the end, War Machine's gonna be severely wounded, they're going to give Falcon, Bucky and Spider-Man the spotlight in the 'Infinity War'.

Though, if they were to have Cap, Falcon, Bucky, Ant-Man and Hawkeye fade away into the night they'd be pulling off a 'Dark Knight Rises'.

But if Cap dying in 'Civil War' were the case then Marvel just needs to stop bringing characters back to life after they die. It worked for Loki (twice), Pepper Potts, Bucky, Phil Coulson and Nick Fury but they shouldn't have to do it for Cap or Quiksilver (whose death in 'Age of Ultron' they handled with grace).

It's just a tiring and incredibly money-grubbing move that drains out any good will I have towards the 'Infinity War' and make The Avengers lose me to Woody, Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story 4) and The Incredibles (The Incredibles 2).

So that concludes my Top 5 reasons why "Captain America: Civil War" could be possibly Marvel's biggest disappointment.

Now, does this mean that I'm not wanting to see this movie? No. It's still my second most anticipated film of this year next to "Finding Dory" (which I have no doubt in my mind that it'll be my #1 Best Film of 2016 and better than "Captain America: Civil War").

And if you disagree with me and think that this will be Marvel's very best film yet (like what's been said at the test screenings). All I can say is that we'll just have to wait and see, otherwise this movie will simply remind me of what would happen if John Lasseter made a Pixar sequel that fans would say is worse than "Cars 2".

Well, I'll be expecting this reaction right about now...


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