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Since 1984 the Super Bowl commercials have been the pinnacle of what drives a lot of movie and tv buffs to watching! In 1984 Ridley Scott, Alien, created a commercial for Macintosh that got the whole world craving more. From there the Independence Day spot that 20th Century Fox unleashed in 1996 was an enormous milestone when 100 million Americans starred in awe at a giant alien space ship literally obliterating the White House!

This year of course was no exception and here is a quick round up, in case you live in a cave and missed all the fun!

Gods of Egypt

This shiny and polished epic comes out in just a few weeks. Therefore most of the footage has already been knocking round the internet for months and really didn't excite me. To be honest it left me wandering 'What have I just watched?' This movie is clearly for anyone that might be a fan of Gerard Bulter and Mad Max, but who thinks that cars are noisy and there wasn't enough sand in Mad Max.


It's back. Again. This time with more added Fox.

Taunting you off the bat too another overplayed anthem, this ad for the sequel to the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, reboot promises fans that it will not only bleed another great franchise dry but that it's desperately trying to be another Transformers, a movie hated by most Transformer fans I might add.

After all, what can I really say. I'll still go and see it.

The Secret Life of Pets

With a title that stands out to me as something my 8 year old sister might play on her DS and a trailer that looks like an amusing try at the ever classic creature comforts, I can't say i'm impressed. The laughs are cheap but we might just be able to find something we like about a French poodle thrashing to some speed metal after his master leaves for work.

Captain America: Civil War

Holy *%£!.

It's well known by now that Marvel are the new Skynet and after phase four they plan to take over the world. It all starts now with yet another movie that has me crying on tumblr and wishing I was Bucky Barne's, yes ladies he's pretty, we get it.

This Superbowl slot doesn't feature much in the way of new footage but it does play up the sporting hostility that sets [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) apart from Rogers' previous episodes. The clip builds briskly to the brawl that's going to tear the Avengers apart and ends with the teams lined up facing one another, no Spidey in sight, but you have to wonder. Who was filming the ad?

Hail Hydra.

X-Men: Apocalypse

A moody but appropriate Coldplay tune blares across the screens as the 42nd Xmen movie trailer starts. There really was not much in the way of new footage here either, . Something that seems to be missing from almost all the movies on this list, but it made up for it by having a fair amount of excitement whilst setting the stage for a fight to the end of the world.

Coldplay couldn't compete with Beyoncé during the Super Bowl Halftime show (and who could have?), but this clip for the 384th X-Men movie found a much better use for the band's music: a moody cover of "Don't Panic" playing over footage of the apocalypse. That savvy bit of synergy helped to distract from the fact that this clip didn't offer many compelling new morsels from the mutant battle royale. And what the commercial lacked in excitement it made up for in tone and scale, as the despairing tune convincingly set the stage for a fight where the world is at stake. "Let's go to war," says Mystique, and the movie looks ready to take her there.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Its finally here. The sequel that everyone wanted, but seemingly everyone forgot to ask for.


Jeff Goldblum is back in this amazing blockbuster which starts off with a fleet of jets flying in formation above the big game, only to be chased down by a wave of the iconic ships from the original movie.

From there the ad makes great use of the popularity of the original and shows earth being destroyed in the most ridiculous ways possible. Not only is London burning, its literally being crushed under the weight of another world capital!

Are we sure that this much destruction is legal? Even in CGI Form?

I'm giving a thumbs up.

Jason Bourne

Maybe shes Bourne with it. Maybe it's Maybelline.

I guess we will finally find out if Jason has what it takes in the 100th installment of this heavily watered down, and spat back up, franchise. America's take at being as cool as James Bond isn't working out quite like they expected but within the span of 30 seconds the ad reveals the new title of the up and coming movie and almost makes us forget that Matt Daemon is the leading actor.

Martian-ini. Shaken not stirred.

10 Cloverfield Lane

Its been a few weeks since we, regrettably, learned that 2008's handheld blockbuster, Cloverfield, was getting a sequel and boy am I bored of reading about it already. The premise is that Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Gallagher, Jr., and John Goodman are stuck in an underground bunker during a mysterious attack of some kind and every new frame of footage reveals utterly nothing to us.

Something's coming.

It's not an Oscar.

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book is the only film so far that even had the idea of releasing a full blown trailer and this blockbuster attempt at rebooting a long since loved franchise has us hooked already.

Dropping us into the very heart of the jungle, the trailer creates a CGI landscape that stole my attention in seconds. Idris Elba is the menacing tiger Shere Khan, Bill Murray is the beloved bear Baloo, Christopher Walken is goofy ape King Louie.

It's going to be a whale of a time.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

The rivalry that has lasted since I first saw the pair on screen when I was 10, continues and boy it's a marketing extravaganza. The only movie to have a real imaginative creation came from WB and TA, who introduced fans to the comic book billionaire Bruce Wayne and tells us about his little city.

Across the way we have another little trailer from Metropolis where Lex Luthor declares that the S man's favorite place is now open for business.

"There's never been a better time to visit our great city," Wayne says, and these fun — if slightly ominous — these adverts make you think about going. Until you remember that Superman literally leveled a city in one day and Batman is a stroppy child with parental issues. Poor Brucie.

I've been a seriously tired Brit and this has been my look at this years SuperBowl. Enjoy it.


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