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I am a hardcore gamer of many genres and a fan of all Star Wars canon and Expanded Universe.

Electronic Arts and DICE have said they plan to focus on the Original Trilogy of the Star Wars franchise for their game, [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021). In typical EA Games fashion with the release came another announcement of a Season Pass promising 4 expansion packs that include at least 4 additional heroes and villians and 16 additional maps.

Sadly the Original Trilogy is extremely limited in both of these additions, with 16 maps planned many planets are and will be reused. An example being Tatooine and the addition of Jaba's Castle. We need more variety, and even adding new heroes and villians, to which we hope are not just variants of the current the game could grow tiresome.

DICE in the past has developed full expansions that have converted their core game into something almost entirely different, from Battlefield Bad Company 2 having a full conversion expansion of Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam, it is very possible to take the Clone Wars and develop something extraordinary.

The Clone Wars took place on hundreds of planets leaving plenty of potential for maps. The clone army had many different squads with uniquely painted armor which could give players a since of originality and uniqueness compared to the bland character options of Battlefront. Don't forget about the heroes and villians, with big names like Count Dooku and Cad Bane to Obi-Wan Kenobi and Captain Rex. Large ground assaults with droid tanks and clone walkers, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Do you think if EA sticks to the Original Trilogy will it lose its appeal? With a failure of boring expansions would there be a sequel in the future? Would you like the see one of the largest wars in the Star Wars franchise make it to Battlefront?


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