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The Green Lanterns is a painful memory of DC's recent movie history.
The first Green Lantern movie, starring Ryan Reynolds, failed miserably and if not for the relative success of Man Of Steel, the Green Lantern franchise would be dead in the water.

Instead, thanks to the launch of the DCEU we are soon to get a movie about not one, but the whole of the Green Lantern Corps. And what better way to celebrate such a movie, but by providing some crucial information of the seven main Lantern Corps of the DC Universe.

We no further due, let's jump right into the seven Lantern Corps.

7. Red Lanterns

"With Blood and Rage of Crimson Red,
Ripped from a Corpse so freshly Dead
Together with our Hellish Hate
We'll Burn you All, That is your Fate!"

The Red Lantern Corps derives its power from the emotion of hate. They were created by Atrocitus, one of the few survivors, of the sector 666, that was destroyed when the Manhunters malfunctioned and went rogue. Combining Blood Magic and his own hatred Atrocitus created the first Red Lantern and the first Red Lantern rings.

The Red Lantern Symbol
The Red Lantern Symbol

The Red Lantern rings choose their bearer based on his/her rage and hatred. When the Red Lantern ring lands on the user, it replaces its heart, effectively making the user bound to the ring. The user then falls to a blind, feral state, with little to no memory of his past and an unstoppable thirst for blood and death. These rings are also parasitic, which means that they bond and control the user instead of the other way around.

The Red Lanterns cannot create constructs (with a few exceptions) but instead spew deadly, napalm blood that melts most things in the Universe, including Green Lantern constructs and well, Green Lanterns.

6. Orange Lantern Corps

"What mine is mine and mine and mine
and mine and mine and mine
and mine and mine
Not Yours!"

In truth there is no Orange Lantern Corp. In truth there is only one Orange Lantern, and that's Larfleeze. The Orange Light's power and therefore, Larfleeze's is derived from avarice.

The Orange Lantern Symbol
The Orange Lantern Symbol

No one really knows when the Orange Light was first harvested. First mention of the Orange light in Lantern history was a pact made by the Guardians and the Keepers of the Orange Light that no member of the respective sides would ever tread on the reaches of the other. At some point, these keepers of the Orange Light fell prey to their own power and Larfleeze arose. Larfleeze is an ancient being and doesn't fully remember his origin, but it seems that he and some other thieves found the Central power battery of the Orange Light and were consumed by it, killing each other until only one of them was left with the power.

The Orange Ring doesn't choose its user but instead seduces the avarice of the possible user. The ring is highly parasitic but it is rare to see more than one Orange Lantern in the Universe at a given time. The Orange Lantern powers are similar to the Green Lantern Corps but they have another, very useful ability; they can absorb their enemies. Any person defeated by the Orange Lantern is absorbed into his ring, becoming a spectral orange being with the powers of the main Orange Lantern.

5. The Sinestro Corps

"In Blackest Day, In Brightest Night
Beware your Fears, Come into Light
Let Those who Try to Stop What's Right
Burn Like my Power, Sinestro's Might!"

The Sinestro Corps, or the yellow Lanterns, derive their powers from the emotion of fear. They were first created by Sinestro after he was banished to the Anti-Matter Universe. There with the help of the weaponers of Qward, the first Yellow Ring and the first Yellow Battery were created.
The Yellow Lantern Symbol
The Yellow Lantern Symbol

The Yellow rings seek out users based on their ability to instill great fear in others, usually landing on monstrous or terrifying beings. They give a generic line of abilities similar to those of the Green Lantern Corps, but can also sense and feed off the fear of other beings in their proximity.

4. Green Lantern Corps

"In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night
No Evil Shall Escape my Sight
Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might
Beware My Power, Green Lantern's Light!"

The Green Lantern Corps is the most famous and far reaching Lantern Corps of all. They derive their power from Willpower, or the ability to overcome great fear.
The Green Lantern Corps were created by the Guardians of the Universe as an enforcing body, to keep order and justice in the Galaxy, or as Hal Jordan put it, space cops. The Guardians after the failure of their previous enforcers have decided to create a body that was more independent and had the free will to choose their own actions.

The Green Lantern Symbol
The Green Lantern Symbol

The user of the ring is chosen based on his ability to overcome great fear.
They gain a significant amount of power most importantly, the creation of hard-light constructs, through sheer will and imagination.

3. Blue Lantern Corps

"In Fearful Day, In Raging Night
With Strong Hearts Full, Our Souls Ignite,
When All Seems Lost in The War of Light
Look to the Stars, For Hope Burns Bright!"

The Blue Lanterns are the Lanterns that harness the emotion of Hope.
The Blue Lanterns were created by Ganthet and Sayd when they were exiled from the Guardians as a mechanism to help the Green Lanterns during the Blackest Night.

Blue Lantern Symbol
Blue Lantern Symbol

The user of the ring is chosen based on his ability of having unwavering hope. And while they are a very versatile Lantern Corps, their powers are very limited. They can create a limited number of constructs and their Blue rings power is limited unless there is a Green Lantern in the close proximity. When close to a Green Lantern, they can use all the powers of the Green Lanterns. They also over charge Green Lantern rings to 200% of power.

This relationship between the two Lantern corps is derived from the belief that wherever there is hope, there needs to be will to maintain it.

2. The Star Sapphire or 'purple' Lantern Corps

"For Hearts Long Lost And Full of Fright,
For Those Alone In Blackest Night,
Accept Our Ring and Join Our Fight
Love Conquers All, With Violet Light! "

The Star Sapphires derive their power from the emotion of love.

The Star Sapphire Symbol
The Star Sapphire Symbol

They were created by the Zamarons, an Amazon like planet, that valued love above all else. The Star Sapphire rings choose their user based on their passion and love for a single person. The focus of the ring shifts towards the true love of the user granting them some special abilities. These abilities include location of their true love, teleporting over vast distances to the location of that true love and crystal-like constructs. They are practically, the overly attached girlfriend, Milky Way version.

1. The Indigo Tribe

"Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur,
Natromo faan tornek wot ur,
Ter lantern ker lo Abin Sur,
Taan lek lek nok, Formorrow Sur!"

And the last one for today, the Indigo Tribe, derives its power from the emotion of compassion.

The first Indigo Ring and Battery were forged by Abin Sur and an alien named Natromo, to use at some point during the Blackest Night.

Indigo Tribe Symbol
Indigo Tribe Symbol

The Indigo Tribe mostly uses a special Indigo Staff as a weapon of choice but wield rings too. The Indigo light is highly parasitic and chooses its user based on his lack of compassion. They imbue themselves into the user and force him/her to feel remorse for their actions.

Instead of the usual Lantern powers the Indigo Tribe have an array of different ones, including the ability to teleport themselves over vast distances and the ability to channel the powers of all the other corps.

Note: There are two more Lantern Corps that I haven't touched on yet, but I will on my next Lantern Corps Article.


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