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Welcome back to the page and another entry on my list for the most anticipated movies of 2016. If you read the entry from this afternoon, thank you for coming back. If you have not read the previous entry, go back and read that one to see what ranked fourth on the list. This evening, I will be discussing my third most anticipated movie for the upcoming year. Leaving the comic book world for this entry, I will be discussing a movie that once I heard the concept and who was starring in it, I was sold. Then I watched the trailer and became psyched to go see this movie when it comes out. The question is, how many of you have heard about this movie?

#3: The Nice Guys

While watching a video about movies coming out in 2016, this movie was brought up. As I mentioned in the introduction, I was hooked as soon as I heard about it. I immediately stopped the video I was watching and searched YouTube for the trailer of this movie. The trailer completely sold me on this movie. I believe that The Nice Guys will be one of the best movies in 2016.

Unlike the first two entries in this list, I will start off by talking about the two star actors. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are casted as two misfits (for each other) working together to investigate the disappearance of a girl. Gosling plays a private investigator while Crowe is a former detective turned paid enforcer. Within the trailer, the exchanges that they share are brilliantly funny. From the scene where Crowe breaks Gosling’s arm to common dialogue between the two, these two seem to have the perfect chemistry to pull off dark comedy. The scene where Crowe confronts Gosling in the restroom is evidence enough that these two will be able to bring the comedy in this movie. From the three minute trailer that I watched, this movie seems to be smartly written. The humor within the trailer is quick and smart with a twist of the dark. The last bit alone is a play on a common joke within buddy cop comedies or any movie that has one character who is loose with the rules while the other is strict to them. Gosling recently turned in an amazing performance in The Big Short where he utilized this more satirical type of humor. His transition into this movie should come off as flawless. Meanwhile, Russel Crowe can be as good as any actor. Along with those two starring actors, Kim Basinger is casted in this movie as the mother of the missing girl. She is an actress who will bring a solid performance in a supporting role. Another quality addition to the cast is Matt Bomer, whose role is currently undisclosed. Bomer is an addition that can help boost the movie slightly based off his performances in his TV series in White Collar. The cast of this movie is a large part of the reason why I am excited for this movie.

I am not as familiar with Shane Black as other directors who are on the Hollywood circuit, but his one gem in his filmography implies that there is hope for this movie being incredible. In his directorial debut, Black crafted a movie that has been well received by critics and fans alike. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a similar genre as The Nice Guys, which is definitely a good sign for this movie being great. Also, Black served as a writer for the first two Lethal Weapon movies, which is another credit to his ability in comedy. While his last directing job did not spawn a quality movie, I discount that in terms of this movie since Iron Man 3 has numerous pressures from Disney-Marvel to film a movie that aligns with their universe. The creative control was not solely in the hands of Black during the production of that movie. This movie will be a test to see him he can regain form without creative restrictions from a studio. Black’s career has been one of the success thus far, which should mean that this movie will be one fantastic piece of cinema.

The Nice Guys comes out in May, which is the same month that my last entry (Captain America: Civil War). May is apparently going to be a great month for going to the movies. Why did this movie outrank Civil War and Hail, Caesar!? This movie joins together two genres that I thoroughly enjoy: dark comedy and crime drama. Movies that pull off the combination normally rank higher in my all-time list since it is my preference. Using humor in situations that would normally be portrayed as serious and dramatic give these type of movies life. It serves an extra entertainment to a movie that would be quality without the humor. Also, I enjoy the thought of a movie not being pulled straight out of a comic book or a remake. While I love comic book movies, it is nice to see original ideas or movies based off historic events that have not been made already. To me, it demonstrates greater skill in pulling off an enjoyable movie. With that said, I will look like a hypocrite when my next two movies are revealed. The major drawback to this movie is that I had no clue it was a movie until recently. While the marketing for the movie will not be in full force quite yet, the other two movies I have kept track of and thoroughly enjoyed the marketing efforts by the people involved.

That is my third most anticipated movie of 2016. If you have not seen the trailer for this movie, go watch it now. If you have, how do you think this movie will be? Are you excited for it or could you care less? Leave comments below in the comment section. As I mentioned in the previous entry, comment some of your anticipated movies of the upcoming year. If you have enjoyed this, go read my other works on my page on Moviepilot at Also, follow me on Twitter @talkmoviestome. Thank you for reading and supporting this page with your reads. If you are enjoying these articles, please follow and pass them along.


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