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Super Bowl 50 is in the bag.

Don’t ask me who won. I was only in it for the trailers. Between that game interrupting the Geek Dom of the awesome Movie Trailers. This year we got several short spots that in some cases are even better than Official Trailer.

Now the purpose of the trailer is to sell. It has to be able make you want to buy the movie and spend hard earned money on it. The best way is to always leave them wanting more.

These are the best trailers too. Leaving that desire to see more and experience more. This year they did not fail at that.


X-Men Apocalypse

Back in the early 1990’s somebody told about this dude that wrecked the X-Men in seconds, had his own crew of sup’d up Mutants, and sports sweet alien tech. Apocalypse has always been a favorite of mine. Made me interested in X-Men Comics. I had hoped all through the X-Men Movie Run for his arrival. And I feared it.

Apocalypse is not the easiest character to bring to life. The backlash from the 1st images of Apocalypse sent fans in a frenzy. I am still in therapy from it. This time around they got it right.

Two Words Disaster Porn!!! I really love Disaster Porn as much as real porn. (If I watch that such that is)

Missiles, Mutant Powers, a blue Mystique and Flying Olivia Munn!!!!!

This one sells it!!!

I am buying it. The Music sets the mood the desperate tone of the trailer. Any doubts on this have been set aside. This definitely places near the top.


Batman v Superman

This is filed under World Building. Turkish Air has a real stake in the movie. Means if BvS may have a huge part of it’s production offset by Corporate Sponsors. This could mean DC Films may have a way to make better production with less budget concerns. Even if a DCU Movie bombs the Sponsors could still make it profitable for the studio.

Does it sell?

Yes for Turkish Air. Who paid for this ad by the way?


Turkish Air?

The American People?

Right now most of the people who are going to see this have already made that choice by now. Overall this did little to sell the Movie, but how does a flight to Gotham cost?


ID4: Resurgence

They are back.
Can Independence Day become a franchise after 20 years?
It has the perfect blend of old and new cast. Worked for Star Wars Seven.

Does it Sell?

Yes it does. Still gonna need to Overcome the Hump of Time.

But two words Disaster Porn!!!


Gods of Egypt

This Gerald Butler at what he does best. This an over the top big budget original project.

Does it Sell it??

Yes it does. Can Egyptian Gods relate to our culture more inline with Geek Gods?Gods of Egypt has guilty pleasure written all over it.



Simply put Ryan Reynolds brings it. He nails it. This has been a project he has been pushing for years. And it pays off.

Does it Sell?



Captain America : Civil War

This 30 second clip sets the tone. From the United We Stand chant. The Divided We Fall chant.
With only two words of dialogue.
Are you wanting more??
Hell Yeah!!
Does it Sell?
Oh Hell Yeah!!
This one wins the Championship !!!!

If any movie trailer builds the tension well here it is!!!
And if you do not agree
"You choose the wrong side."


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