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Snow days getting you down? Nowhere to go but home? Well, I have a solution! Horror movie marathon! Well, that's my solution to everything as I am a horror addict but hey, it's the best solution. I put together a list of winter-themed horror films to show that some people are having worse snow days than you. These films either involve Christmas, blizzards, or just anything winter-related. Some of these films may be on Netflix Streaming or Hulu but if not, you can find them pretty much anywhere else, such as Amazon or Walmart.

1. 30 Days of Night (2007)

This film is pretty much well known but it's a favorite of mine. It's quite possible that it's my favorite vampire film ever. It is bloody, scary, has great characters and a terrifying plot. It is set in a town in Alaska in which they experience thirty days of night which makes the townspeople prey for bloodthirsty vampires. If you have not seen this film, DEFINITELY check it out! It's something you would never want to miss as a horror fan. The sequel, ehhh not so much.

2. AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004)

Two famous monsters in the horror genre battle it out to be on top. What's more to love? Sure, there's no Sigourney Weaver or Arnold Schwarzenegger in these films but it is still entertaining as hell! Set in snowy Antarctica, the film revolves around a group of archaeologists on a mission to uncover a hidden underground pyramid when they end up starting a war between aliens and predators. This is an action-packed film that never stops keeping you on your toes. Give it a watch, you will like it. Just ignore the sequel please

3. ATM (2012)

One of the lesser known films on the list, ATM is about three coworkers who, on their way home from the office Christmas party, stop at an ATM and end up in a night of terror as a mysterious stranger stalks and taunts them. This film is definitely an interesting thriller with a neat twist at the end.

4. Black Christmas (1974)

Of course this film makes the list. A film to start the craze of slasher films, Black Christmas is the first film I think of when I hear about Christmas-themed horror films. Sorority sisters get stalked and murdered by a psycho during Christmas break. What's a better plot than that?

5. Black Christmas (2006)

The remake should definitely make the list as well! Some may say the film is horrible and is an insult to the original, however I love it! It is an amazing, old-fashioned, cheesy slasher film with some great kills, a great cast, and some creepy killers. This film stars many scream queens including Katie Cassidy (A Nightmare on Elm Street remake), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Final Destination 3), Kristen Cloke (Final Destination), Crystal Lowe (Wrong Turn 2: Dead End), and even a star of the original film, Andrea Martin. Check it out but do not have many high expectations of it being like the original film!

6. The Children (2008)

Creepy. That is just one word to describe this underrated gem. It is similar to Children of the Corn but it's more supernatural than religious. The children become murderous and turn on the adults. My worst nightmare everytime I babysit my nephew and godson. Terrifying!

7. Child's Play (1988)

Now, I know this is not completely winter-themed but it is set in the Winter. A classic horror film that will always have that replay effect for years. I always love a good Child's Play marathon now and then. Rumors say they are working on a 7th film. YES!

8. A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

One of the newer films on this list, A Christmas Horror Story played upon the success of Krampus and delivered a horror anthology film with four stories to spook up your Christmas night.

9. Cold Prey (2006)

I love this film! It is a neat, Norwegian slasher film about five friends who stay in an abandoned hotel during a winter storm where a crazy killer picks them off one by one. It is beautiful, has some scary chase scenes, and superb kills. Definitely check this film out! It is in a foreign language so be warned if subtitles bother you.

10. Curtains (1983)

This film's killer has one of the creepiest costumes I have ever seen! Curtains is about six actresses who are competing for a movie role that get hunted by a terrifying murderer that will haunt your dreams! Keep those doors locked and be warned, acting is a very competitive occupation.

11. Dead Snow series (2009, 2014)

These foreign zombie films have an amazing, snowy setting in which some friends run into pissed off Nazi zombies. The film is bloody and is crazy! Prepare for a brutal good time with this series.

12. Frozen (2010)

Careful, this one is intense! It is about three friends who get stuck on a ski lift when skiing. It is realistic, scary, and will make you glad you are indoors during a blizzard.

13. The Good Son (1993)

This one isn't as scary as the others but it still is thrilling from start to finish. There's no killer, no stalking, no zombies, no monsters, no paranormal phenomenon, just a kid who seems to have evil plans for his family. Who doesn't love creepy children?

14. Gremlins (1984)

YES! Gremlins is on the list! I loved this film ever since I was a kid and I still do. It is funny but at the same time scary. It's a perfect blend of Christmas spirit, horror, and dark humor. Watch this family-friendly horror film that you will want to watch every winter! Plus, Gizmo is a character that will be loved forever and ever!

15. Jack Frost series (1997, 2000)

Killer snowman? Check! Cheesy horror film? Check! Bloody good time? Check! Do not take these films seriously but they are so much fun! I remember renting them at Blockbuster and loving them as a kid. Just sit back and relax and enjoy these underrated slasher films.

16. Krampus (2015)

The newest film to be released in theaters on this list, it had a lot of hype and the hype lived up to its potential. I waited so long to see this movie just to view it on Christmas Day with my boyfriend and it did not disappoint me. It was a lot of fun and the ending was a nice unexpected twist. It may not be that bloody for a horror film but it still scared me and had a nice dose of humor. I cannot wait for the DVD release to watch it every Christmas or just any day in winter to be honest. I hope it is not weird every time a blizzard occurs, I wish for a visit from Krampus to spike up my snow day.

17. Let Me In (2010)

I included this film on two lists now, one for Valentine's Day and now this list deserves this film on it! A superb vampire film in winter. Perfect!

18. Mama (2013)

Mama is not entirely in the winter but a good part of it is. It is a beautifully artistic horror film from Guillermo del Toro that is about two kids hauntingly protected by their deceased mother. It is scary and has a shocking twist at the end. Give it a try, you might like it!

19. Misery (1990)

I love a good Stephen King adaptation and this is my favorite one. It is about an author who gets taken hostage by a crazy fan during a blizzard. I quote this film a lot strangely and there's a reason. The way Kathy Bates says her lines as Annie Wilkes is hauntingly beautiful yet terrifying at the same time. When she says "God I love you" right before taking a sledgehammer to Sheldon's ankles, I got chills through my entire body. Such an amazing film to keep watching time and time again!

20. Orphan (2009)

I loved this movie so much that I saw it twice in theaters. This is one of the rare films that I saw in theaters without seeing a single advertisement or trailer for it. I went into it blindly and came out loving it and appreciating that I knew nothing about it. I always watch this every now and then and got many of my family to love this underrated gem. "There is something wrong with Esther" and it is not what you think.

21. P2 (2007)

Another horror gem that often gets left out of lists, P2 is a surprising thriller about a woman who stayed late at work and gets kidnapped by a security guard before being tortured on Christmas Eve. It's bloody, chilling, and thrilling. A perfect mix for a snowy night.

22. The Shining (1980)

Another Stephen King adaptation makes the list! This film is a true horror classic. Just that final scene of Jack chasing Danny in the snowy hedge maze sends shivers down my spine. It is a perfect snowy day film to watch with friends and family! Just be careful of creepy twin girls...

23. Shredder (2003)

An unknown slasher film that is oddly entertaining. A killer dressed as a skier brutally kills teenagers vacationing at a ski lodge. If you love slasher films, check this one out. It will shred that blizzard you are surviving!

24. Silent Night Deadly Night (1984)

A killer Santa? I am in! A psycho Santa goes on a killing spree in a small town. If that's not enough to get you interested, I don't know what else would!

25. Silent Night (2012)

A loosely based remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night, Silent Night offers a fun revenge slasher flick with another psycho Santa! With Jaime King and Malcolm McDowell as the town's head of police, this film is not to be missed by horror fans like me.

26. The Thing (1982)

Another classic makes the list! John Carpenter's famous horror film The Thing revolves around an American Research Base that gets visited by an alien-like creature/parasite who kills the men, one by one, as the remaining survivors try to kill whatever is attacking them.

27. The Thing (2011)

The prequel to John Carpenter's film, this one may not be as good but it is still really amazing in its own way. Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead (no stranger to horror) in the lead role, The Thing is a respectful follow-up to the 1982 film. It honors the original film, all while making a brand new film with brand new elements. This film sure kicks winter's ass.

28. The Visit (2015)

This new film was surprisingly good in its own way. It could have been way worse as I had expected but was not that bad. It is a found footage film from M. Night Shyamalan about two kids who visit their grandparents, whom they come to suspect might not be as normal as they thought. It has a creepy feel to it and has a twist at the end that I never expected, which is a tradition Shyamalan holds true to in every film he creates.

29. Wind Chill (2007)

Starring Emily Blunt, this is a paranormal film that takes two college students on a ride home to Hell. Their car breaks down in a winter storm and they are soon haunted by everyone else who has died on that exact road. It is a really well done psychological horror film that sure packs a good punch. Very under appreciated.

30. Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

The fourth installment in the Wrong Turn franchise, it has my absolutely favorite setting in the entire franchise. A group of friends decide to wait out a winter storm in an abandoned asylum that is home to the bloodthirsty cannibals we all know. Great kills like always, a great setting, and this one has more female power than any other Wrong Turn film. Yes, it is dumb but dumb decisions are what the franchise is all about. Just don't take it seriously and enjoy the fun slasher flick.

HONORABLE MENTION: Until Dawn (2015)

I know, I know. It is a video game. But it is awesome! I played this in its entirety seven times so far and I love it every time! The game follows eight friends visiting a ski resort to remember their two friends that disappeared a year ago. What they find when they go back shocks them all and shocked me as well! If you have a PS4, pick this up and do not put it down! It's an interactive horror film for video gamers!


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