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Salutations my faithful readers (note: to qualify as a "faithful reader", you just have to read that first sentence)! It took a bit but here it is, part two of my 16 games to look forward to in 2016!

Last time, I chose all the games, keeping all the fun of recommending awesome games for myself. I know, that was incredibly selfish of me! But just like old man Ebenezer Scrooge, I've had a revelation.

This time, I've enlisted the help of six other awesome Moviepilot Creators! So without further ado, let's check out the first pick, submitted by Creator Ian Simpson!

For When You Want A True Stealth Title!

Ian Simpson on Dishonored 2:

The game boasted a simplistic and interesting graphic style, and the combat mechanics mixed time-honored stealth tactics with brand-new steampunk superpowers. "
One such power is the power of rat manipulation!
One such power is the power of rat manipulation!
"[Dishonored] was an instant hit back in 2012, and four years later, we are finally getting a sequel!

After spending the first game tracking down and rescuing Lady Emily Kaldwin (voiced by the talented Chloe Grace Moretz), you now get to play as her in a brand new stealth experience."


"The graphics seem to be greatly upgraded, brand new powers have been added, and the overall atmosphere of the gameseems fresh and familiar at the same time.

Any fan of Bethesda Studios (creator of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout) or of the stealth genre is sure to love Dishonored!"

Be sure to check out Ian's pick, Dishonored 2, when it comes out later this year for PS4, Xbox One and PC!

For When You Want A Ridiculous Fighter!

When you've got a fighting franchise like Pokemon, and a fighting franchise like Tekken, and both are popular and Japanese, the obvious next step is to combine them...right?

Paul Singh on Pokken Tournament:

On their own, they're both fantastic experiences, but imagine if some crazy team in Japan decided to combine em!"

"Now you've got the situation where Machamp is getting his bulky ass whooped by a cuddly Pikachu! Sounds ridiculous, right? Yeah, I also thought so as first.
That is, until I saw the gameplay footage and my eyes glossed over like a chibi anime character in love."


"This is exactly what I wanted out of Pokemon Stadium when I was a kid and it's definitely what I want now!
Add in Shadow Mewtwo, Gengar and a great roster that's still growing, and we've got ourselves the definitive Pokemon fighting experience!"

Check out Paul's pick, Pokken Tournament, and its large roster of Pokemon across different generations when it reaches the Wii U worldwide on March 18!

When You're In The Mood For An Apocalyptic World!

We've been waiting a long time for this game, but the hype for The Division is still very real! Don't believe me? Just listen to Creator Maria Garcia talk about the upcoming post-apocalyptic title!

Maria Garcia on The Division:

Set up as a third-person shooter game, The Division takes place in the middle of a devastated New York City. It’s an open world with destructive environments that is free for players to explore."

"The main mission is to restore the order by investigating the source of a virus that has ravaged the city. A smallpox pandemic spreads on Black Friday across the US Cities. The government collapses in five days and without the basic services and access to food, the country spirals into chaos.
The main character is part of the Strategic Homeland Division, trained to operate independently of command when the system fails. Authorized to do whatever it takes to prevent the fall of society, the division will find themselves caught in a conspiracy and will have no choice but to combat the virus and those responsible for its outbreak."


"Much like other games produced by Ubisoft (Assassins’ Creed: Syndicate) The Division’s format is set in a third-person perspective and the character model is visible.
As the players progress, they earn experience points that can be used to customize their character and its weapons and gear. It also gives the fans a chance to interact in The Dark Zone, their player-versus-player competitive multiplayer mode.
Ubisoft Massive announced it will be released on March 8th, 2016. The game will be available for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One."

For When You Want A Story-Rich Adventure!

I love playing creepy games (for very short intervals at a time)! I also love story-driven games. So when you put them together, you've got a chilling game with beautiful graphics, and an incredibly rich story. Or in other words, What Remains of Edith Finch!

Cassie Benter on What Remains of Edith Finch:

Through a series of short stories, you will live out her family's last moments through their eyes. "
"Having played a brief demo at PAX Australia, I can personally say that it was pieced together beautifully.
As you play out the story through a young child's eyes, you're so caught-up in how adorable, playful, and imaginative they are, that you tend to be blind towards the darker undertones to the story as you lead your character to their demise.
If you enjoy story-rich games, you should look no further than What Remains of Edith Finch!"


"Brought to us by Giant Sparrow, who created The Unfinished Swan, I'm positive that we can trust them to give us an unforgettable experience.
Few games can be so stunning and disturbing at the same time, and this is one of them. The exact release date is unknown, but is planned to release in 2016."

When What Remains of Edith Finch finally does release this year, you can grab it exclusively for the PlayStation 4!

For When You Want An Immersive Space Game!

We were all a little disappointed with the ending to Mass Effect 3, and even the DLC wasn't enough to get rid of that bad taste in our mouth. Well now, BioWare and EA are back with a new Mass Effect title—and hopefully this one will have a much better ending!

Julian Arde on Mass Effect: Andromeda:

and I can't wait what to see what they do with an entirely different story set in a completely different galaxy. Should be a game experience unlike any other!"


Mass Effect: Andromeda is the fourth title in the Mass Effect series, and the first to not star series protagonist Commander Shepherd.

Not much is known about the game at this time, other than the fact that it's set a long time after the Mass Effect trilogy and in a different galaxy, known as the Andromeda Galaxy. It was also revealed that the game would have a multiplayer component.

You can get Mass Effect: Andromeda for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC later this year!

For When You're Wanting A Challenge!

There is no game franchise on earth more frustrating and challenging than the Souls series! Demon's Souls, Dark Souls I and II, and Bloodborne have all presented players with mind-numbing challenges and insanely overpowering enemies. Moviepilot Creator, Nicholas Reilly explains how players can expect an even more challenging experience in the next Souls series installment!

Nicholas Reilly on Dark Souls III:

"The release of Dark Souls III promises more adventure, weapons and 'You Died' signs than you can handle! Dark Souls III's story will see players continue to explore the iconic world of Dark Souls - with colossal enemies around every corner.
The gameplay will challenge even the most veteran gamers, and the immersive graphics will leave you in awe! Once Dark Souls III is released on April 12, 2016 release, all you have to do is prepare to die!"

Dark Souls III will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

For When You're Feeling Nostalgic!

Indie titles come in many shapes and sizes, but one thing they all usually share in common is how beautiful they look. Cuphead is no exception!

Developed by Studio MDHR, Cuphead follows the titular character who, after losing a bet to the devil, goes on a journey to repay the bet. To do so, Cuphead must fight a series of bosses, like a giant sunflower and a pirate and his ship.


Drawn in the style of 1930's cartoons like Betty Boop and Popeye, and inspired by games like Mega Man, Cuphead is a run-and-gun game that focuses heavily on boss battles.

Players take control of Cuphead and use a variety of weapons to battle against these bosses. Players don't have to worry too much about losing though, as Cuphead has unlimited lives. But because of this, the bosses in the game are incredibly challenging.

If you can't get past a boss on your own, don't worry, a second player can join in as Mugman, Cuphead's friend and teammate! You can get Cuphead for Xbox One and PC later this year!

For When You Want A Real Detective Game!

Last year, fans got to experience the dramatic end to the Arkham trilogy in Batman: Arkham Knight! Now that it's over, Bat-fans can't wait for the next exciting Batman game they can get their hands on.

With Rocksteady supposedly done with making Batman games (though probably not), the next great Batman game is coming from another familiar developer- Telltale Games!


Batman: A Telltale Game is an all-new episodic series by Telltale set in the world of the Caped Crusader himself! Not much is known about the game, but you can probably guess how it will be based on previous Telltale games.

Batman: A Telltale Game will most likely be a detective-style game, putting players in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman as they solve crimes and beat up bad guys.

You'll have to interrogate criminals, investigate crime scenes, and stop iconic villains like Penguin, Poison Ivy and The Joker! Telltale Games is no stranger to making great detective games, the proof being their 2013 game The Wolf Among Us- which was also based on a DC/Vertigo comic.

Telltale Games hasn't announced what systems Batman: A Telltale Game is coming out for, but you can expect an announcement before it comes out later this year!

Well there you go, 16 games to look forward to this year! Which ones are you excited for? Thanks to all of the Creators who contributed to this article!

Thanks For Reading!


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