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Daniel Gerson was a screenplay writer for Pixar who, sadly, passed away February 6th after a battle with brain cancer at age 49. Some people don't get to speak to more than one generation with their work. This man has been a hand in several cartoons over the past 15 years. Here are a few of his great works.

Monsters INC and Monsters University

We have been to Monstropolis where we saw all kinds of monsters! We found out where the energy comes from to power the city. Mike and Sully changed the monster world when they let in a child. Boo would be a game changer to help better the world and get rid of the energy crisis. She also taught them that children aren't toxic! In Monsters University we saw that Mike and Sully weren't always friends! There was some issue with the fact that they joked about knowing each other since the fourth grade. I think we can overlook that after seeing real team work from these two and watching a true story unfold.

Chicken Little

This movie is one of my personal favorites! Everyone loves an underdog, unless that underdog caused mass panic across the town of course. Young Chicken Little claims the sky is falling and everyone labels him nuts and a loser, even his own father and he sets out to make it up to everyone. After accidentally winning a baseball game he is now a hero again and fully redeemed, or so he thought. It happens all over again, except he's not the only one who sees it! His friends all find this "piece of the sky" which turns out to be a panel from an alien spaceship! With this panel they also find a baby alien! Together with his friends and family, they return the alien back to his parents before the world is destroyed. Turns out they were stopping in for acorns!

Big Hero 6

If you have kids, like me, you can't go wrong with this one! Hiro Hamada is a genius with very little direction in his life at age 13, until his brother takes him to his school. There Hiro meets a scientist he has looked up to. This inspires him to try to win a scholarship. After showing off his entry of nanobots that could build or do anything that the person wearing the transmitter wanted, and winning the scholarship, the building caught fire. His brother Tedashi ran back in to save their professor and never came back out. Later on in the midst of mourning his brother, one of Tedashi's creations came to his aid. Baymax was built to be a health care robot and when Hiro got hurt he awoke. Together they find out that someone had taken Hiro's nanobots and was making more in mass quantities.

When they try to go after this mystery person, they run into some old friends. The girl who loves to go fast Go Go Tomago, neat freak Wasabi, chemistry whiz Honey Lemon, and comic geek/science enthusiast Fred all band together to help Hiro! With the help of his friends he turns them all into full-fledged super heros! After increasing Baymax's abilities, he scans the whole city for the evil doer. This leads them to an abandoned island under quarantine. What they discover there pushes Hiro to make Baymax disregard his original purpose. The evil doer is actually their old professor! Now they must stop him as he seeks revenge on the man that lost his daughter in a portal when he knew it wasn't safe! They come just in time to stop any blood from being spilled! Baymax and Hiro even save his daughter from the portal!

He also had a hand in two popular shorts! Tangled Ever After - the story of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider's wedding. During the wedding, Pascal and Maximus must recover the rings they lost mid ceremony. Luckily they make it back just in time! The other short Daniel helped write is Prep and Landing: Naughty vs Nice. In this tiny tale two elves must get back classified North Pole technology! His latest work was a hand in the screenplay for Cars 3 that is set to come out June 16, 2017!

This man will be greatly missed. He had a huge part in my childhood and my children's childhood! So thank you Daniel Gerson for making our lives a little better with your great talent. We can't wait to see your last work come to theaters for even more people to enjoy.


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