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Callum Fothergill

Give me a minute guys…

Okay, I think I’m ready.

Sorry, I’m still grinning even now, Deadpool is here and it is everything a fan could hope for, you can really tell it was made for the fans, by the fans, that being said I feel like I should make something very clear:


It's rated 15 here in the UK, and I honestly don’t know how, it feels like it should be an 18 but I guess the brilliantly timed humour and fast paced editing of the movie lessen the blow when you see a guy splat on a billboard like a fly on a windshield. But seriously, for any parents out there considering letting their under 15 children watch this movie first then decide.

Now, if you’re expecting a movie with a deep commentary on society or a world threatening antagonist leaving a looming peril over the entire movie. Leave. Leave now because Apocalypse comes out later in the year, the only world Wade Wilson is trying to save; is his own. However if you want a comic book movie that stays true to its character in all his 4th wall breaking greatness that will make you laugh out loud from 0.2s in right through to Curtain call then this is your movie. That’s not to say it’s completely emotionless, there’s a strong romantic plot and the characters are fleshed out beautifully, making you really feel sorry for them when it all goes sideways. Deadpool is by no means a 2D movie. Well it is, they haven’t released a 3D version to my knowledge but that’s not what I mean.

Are you still here?

Why? You need to see this movie today! Don’t wait, go, GO NOW.

You’re still reading? I hope it’s because you’re waiting for your showing, but while you’re here let me tell you a little more about the movie you’re about to watch, in a spoiler free way of course.

I’ve already said this isn’t a superhero movie and it’s not, It is however a comic book movie which of course brings with it all the action and badassary that territory, and Deadpool doesn’t hang around, it throws you immediately into the action in what has to be the best opening title sequences ever made, it has to be seen to be believed though, but that’s okay, you don’t have long to wait now do you?

Now, I’m fully aware that some of you people might have been told by you’re SO this is a romance, you’ll be glad to know it kind of is, the entire plot revolves around Wade Wilsons love for Vanessa and what he would do to get her back, it just so happens that in the process there’s blood, dick jokes, more blood and even more dick jokes. Did I mention the dick jokes? Oh but don’t worry 50 shades fans, there’s a sex montage that’s sure to satisfy your disappointment over that “movie.”

I should wrap it up here, you’re showing is probably about to start, so sit back, relax and get ready for sore cheeks and brand new standard for comic book movies.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m touching myself tonight.


Will you be watching Deadpool?


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