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The new faces of comedy involve people like Kevin Hart, Seth Rogen, James Franco and Will Farrell. There are so many actors out there that are absolutely hilarious, but it seems like after they make so much money they don't put much thought into their art. Many factors may influence this carelessness, like raising a family, and having other priorities which I can understand. I want to discuss the top five I really enjoyed that you never hear about anymore or they are making movies that aren't as funny anymore.

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is a very well known actor because of his comedy, taking Jewish jokes to a whole new level with movies like Eight Crazy Nights. Being a huge sensation in the 90's, Adam Sandler had quite an expectation to uphold to be fair. It seems like his childish humor in Hotel Transylvania is more on point than his other roles. As a Netflix Original, I decided to take a stab at The Ridiculous 6, I was extremely disappointed. Keeping the same staff that he has had in nearly all of his movies, I was just kind of thrown by the stupidity of the whole movie. Is it likely Adam Sandler can get back to his witty 90's self?

Dane Cook

Dane Cook was a stand-up comedian in the 90's but his best-known work started out in the early 2000's. Dane Cook was also in very small parts in movies such as Mystery Men but the movie I remember him best in is Waiting. Dane Cook quickly became a sensation, he was the comedian you heard about constantly and selling out of 18,000 at 7:00 pm then another show of 18,000 at 10:30 pm equalling up to 36,000 people during his Vicious Circle performance in Boston, New York. You can imagine how much money he made, on one of those performances alone then for it to be broadcasted on HBO. What of him now though? We never hear from him and you don't see him in movies anymore. So where is our crazy, life expert at in the world anymore?

Chris Rock

Another man who was a 90's sensation is the amazing Chris Rock. Being inappropriate and hilarious while doing so, he was in big titles such as Dogma and The Longest Yard. It's fair to say Chris Rock has a distinct voice, if you didn't see his face and just heard his voice you would know it was him. Another man on the comedy stage, you just don't hear of him anymore. The most recent movie I think of is Grown Up and Grown Ups Two. Which I don't know about most of the viewers, but I felt like that movie could've been made better. Like Adam Sandler, Chris Rock has gone more toward the children's movies such as Madagascar. Kid's movies usually have some inappropriate comments here and there for the parents, but not the best performance I would say by Chris Rock.

Mike Myers

Starting out in TV shows here and there, it's not likely your first movie will be such a success. Though that was not the case for Mike Myers. Starring in his first film role as Wayne in Wayne's World resulted in becoming one of the most successful movies in 1992. Another movie that is very well known starring Mike Myers and (one of my favorites) is Austin Powers. Mike Myers is one of those actors you never forget, taking the role as four different characters in one movie wcould be absolutely exhausting. Going from vulgar comedy like Austin Powers to Dreamwork's kid movie Shrek - wait are you sensing a pattern with all these comedians? Where is Mike Myers?

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy will forever be The Nutty Professor in my eyes. Most people associate Eddie Murphy with Donkey from Shrek but there is so much more to this amazing comedian before having a jackass as his identity. Eddie Murphy make's him the fifth highest grossing actor in the United States. He couldn't have just received that title from Disney movies, he worked his way up from Stand-Up Comedy to movies. Dr. Dolittle being another great comedy making imagination a reality. Eddie Murphy is phenomenal and I wish I could see him in more movies, but it seems he has taken a break from comedy for a while.

These are my personal favorite comedians that could come back to showbiz and we would welcome them with open arms! It's a shame we don't see them anymore, or if we do their talent is wasted and it seems like they are trying too hard to make people laugh. A comedy that is actually funny and just stupid Scary Movie - a prime example of stupid for stupid's sake. Some honorable mentions that were hilarious until the end are people like Robin Williams and Chris Farley. You both are truly missed!


Do you think these comedians are still funny or have they lost their spark?


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