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I noticed that a good number of people on Twitter were upset over the fact that there was no Spider-Man during the Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl spot.

In a world where movie trailers reveal WAY too much about a film before it's release, why is no Spidey such a bad thing? We already know that Spider-Man will be in the film in some capacity and we also know that Tom Holland will be playing your friendly neighborhood wall crawler.

The only thing we do not know at this point is the look of Peter Parker's new gear. Personally, if I were a big wig over at Marvel Studios, I would have kept the identity of the actor playing Spider-Man under lock and key until he removed his mask...that is IF Marvel is going to keep that part of the Civil War comic story arc in the big screen adaptation.

So do people not want to be surprised by films anymore...or do they want all our trailers to be like Batman v. Superman that pretty much show us the film's plot beat by beat? I thought the Super Bowl spot was just fine. It showed me JUST ENOUGH to get me excited about the epic battle of heroes vs. heroes that is to come. And I was just fine without seeing Spider-Man in the trailer. In fact...I DIDN'T want to see Spidey in this trailer. Even though the look of the suit is the only thing we are waiting for, I don't mind waiting.

Captain America: Civil War is coming to theaters on May 6th, 2016.


Do you guys want to see Spider-Man in a Civil War trailer?


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