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Kara dreams of Krypton. Alex gets emotional. Hank has some fun at CatCo. And the show has given us a great finale-like episode with so many episodes left. All on this week's Supergirl!

Spoilers Ahead....

For The (Super)Girl Who Has Everything

The main plot of the episode focused around Kara and a "Black Mercy". At the end of the last episode, Kara was attacked by a planet-like creature, which we learn is called a "Black Mercy". Kara is put into a coma. There, she dreams of her ideal life, which just happens to be on Krypton with her parents and a young Kal-El. And, for the record, Kal-El was there, but was not a big part of the show. The longer she was there, the less she remembers Earth. This is never more evident then when Alex shows up. But, we got a little ahead of ourselves there.

Alex, trying to figure out what was wrong with Kara, first went to Alura's hologram. And in between the hologram saying she couldn't help, Alex gives a whole speech about how she regretted treating Kara like a nuisance when she first got to Earth. She begged for help to "save her little sister". And this was the first of two great speeches for Alex in this episode.

After finding out what the "Black Mercy" was from Astra and that Non was the one that did it to Kara, Alex decided she needed Maxwell Lord's help. She needed him to modify some of the D.E.O.'s tech so she could enter Kara's mind and convince her it wasn't real. However, before she does that, she asks James, who along with Winn were allowed into the base, to make sure Hank doesn't wake her up early. And Hank tried, because of course he did.

And it was time for Alex's next big speech. When she found Kara in her dream, Alex was quickly arrested and sentenced to banishment to the Phantom Zone. While Alex was fighting off guards, she explained to Kara that life wasn't perfect, that pain is apart of life. She explained that Earth needed Supergirl and that she needed Kara. And, of course, this worked. And all of this was before the best part of the show.

The Battle Begins

Throughout the episode, we get glimpses of Non and Astra planning their attack on National City. And with Kara dealt with, sun flares messing with technology, and the D.E.O. satellites down, it was the perfect time for that. But, Kara and the gang are there to stop them and Kara was pissed.

Kara was sent to deal with Non. And she beat him to a bloody pulp. As she points out when she wasn't punching him, she screams he made her lose her family all over again. Though Non escapes, Kara stops him from doing his part of the plan and even gets Non's explosive device. The more interesting fight, however, was the one between Alex, Hank, and Astra.

Alex shows up first and of course quickly gets in trouble in the fight against Astra. Hank, in complete Martin Manhunter mode, swoops in for the save. However, even he has issues with Astra. This time, Alex has to save him. And she does that by stabbing Astra through the chest with a sword made of kryptonite. And Hank takes the blame for it when they tell Kara. When Alex confronts him about it, he claims that Alex was Kara's hero and he could let that change. Yeah, because keeping secrets never backfires.

Meanwhile, at CatCo.....

Cat Grant isn't happy with Kara. And she is especially not happy with Kara not being at work. When she threatens to fire Kara, Alex convinces Hank to go in her place. And Hank didn't have a lot of fun. He gave Cat whole milk in her coffee, he couldn't get messages to the right people, and when he tried just getting out of work by crying, he got yelled at. And it all was just perfection.


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