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Everyone has something about themselves that they are insecure about, whether it's a birthmark that is in an inconvenient spot or a finger you got smashed as a kid and it was never the same again. Simple things that most people didn't notice tend to be something we worry about often. As for me, I have a mole that is in the middle of my chest, so beach wear isn't my most favorite thing to wear, hence the paleness. Let's take a look at some celebrities and see if you noticed their different body features.

Tom Cruise

The absolutely wonderful Tom Cruise seems like a pretty normal picture right? Someone pointed out his difference, and I could never unsee it after that moment. Usually, people's features line up perfectly but in Tom's case, it's a little different. Take a look at his nose and straight down to his teeth, did you ever notice that his two front teeth are off center? Yep, one of America's favorite Hollywood stars doesn't even have teeth that line up. Don't see it. Here's another photo emphasizing his difference.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is the definition of beautiful in my opinion. She has a little secret of her own that sets her apart from most people. Miss Fox has a clubbed thumb; yup you heard it a clubbed thumb. A clubbed thumb is a stub thumb; a harmless genetic trait that is characterized by the last bone of one or both thumbs being short and round with a short wide nail bed. Take a closer look.

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry is a well-known actor for his part as Chandler on the hit TV series Friends. Hilarious in most of the movies we see, his bizarre feature was not a joke at the time. While in nursery school, Matthew had an incident with a door. This caused him an immense amount of pain and the tip of his middle finger was never to be the same again because he ended up having to get it amputated.

Mark Walhberg

Mark Wahlberg is absolutely sexy, am I right? Women want to be with him, men want to be him. Any excuse to take his shirt off is good enough for me..but wait did you guys notice this? Mark Wahlberg, beautiful as can be, has a third nipple. All those times he has given us a glimpse of his amazing body, I had never noticed this, but he does indeed have a third nipple.

Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn is well-known for the big part he played in The Wedding Crashers. He always has a different witty thing to say and never disappoints. At 17 years old, Vince was in a car accident, and though he didn't break any bones, he did lose the tip of his thumb. You don't hear him crack any jokes about his thumb, do you?

Denzel Washington

Oscar-winning Denzel Washington is known all over the world. His bizarre body feature may make you cringe a bit, I know it did for myself. When Denzel was a young boy, he enjoyed playing basketball. One day on the court there was an incident and he broke his pinky. Denzel never had it set correctly, so now his pinky is permanently set at a 45-degree angle.

Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova is a Czech model, also known as a Victoria Secret Angel. Even our models have flaws. If you take a close look at Kurkova's stomach you will notice she does not have a belly button. Yup, she has no belly button. When she was little there was an operation that she had that essentially took away her belly button.

These celebrities don't even flinch in the public eye with their differences. I think these are prime examples of self-love, and why we shouldn't hold ourselves down! Anything is possible and you never know, someone else could love your flaws more than you hate them.


What bizarre body feature intrigued you the most?


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