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Movies are awesome. Podcasts are awesome. Movie podcasts are awesome.

Here are 5 you should definitely be listening to.

1. You Must Remember This

Want to learn everything there is to know about Hollywood in the 20th century but don't even know where to start? Then "You Must Remember This" has got your back.

Under the guidance of host Karina Longworth's expert analysis and dreamy storytelling, the podcast takes an episodic look at important cultural touchstones in last-century Hollywood, examining everything from the creation and destruction of the studio system to the Manson murders.

Come join her, won't you?

2. How Did This Get Made?

Ever watched a movie that was so incredibly bad, you thought to yourself: "How the fuck did this actually get made?" Well, so have comedians Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas, whose podcast is nothing short of a potty-mouthed riot.

Best episode? Probably 'Sleepaway Camp' with Zack Pearlman.

Best quote that sums up the podcast? This pearl from Mantzoukas about Demolition Man:

"I’m just gonna … Should just go … SANDRA BULLOCK IS 100% HIS DAUGHTER, RIGHT? … Then they had the sex scene and I was like, ‘This is gonna be really weird when they reveal she’s his daughter.’ I was kinda OK with it. But then he kisses her and I was like, ‘Barf.’ And by ‘barf’ I mean, ‘Barf out of my weiner.’ I came."

3. Kermode and Mayo's Film Review

On the surface, it's an old-school radio show reviewing the week's big movie releases; it also contains interviews with the biggest stars of Tinseltown. But underneath, it's something much more irreverent. Movie reviews are punctuated by off-kilter tangents — the show is nicknamed "Wittertainment" for a reason — while the listeners' acerbic and whimsical emails are read out, letting you know you're in the company film buffs who are also delightfully British.

And when reviewer Kermode really dislikes a movie — and I mean really dislikes a movie — the fire that rages from within has the power to melt a thousand Michael Bay sunsets.

4. Hollywood Babble-On

Four reasons to listen:

  • Kevin Smith
  • Ralph Garman's celebrity impressions
  • Lots of Bane voice
  • Liam Neeson Cock Facts

That is all.

5. Doug Loves Movies

Doug Benson loves movies. He also loves talking about them. He especially loves talking about them with his famous friends, like Jon Hamm and Sarah Silverman. "Name That Movie" will get you furiously gambling on how many B-list actors you need to hear before knowing the film title, and because Bob is so funny, self-deprecating but most of all a movie nerd like us, he makes this the best (and only?) stand-up-comedy-celebrity-live-audience-game-show-movie podcast around.

What is your favorite movie podcast?


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