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It’s a bummer in some ways to see Reverb especially gone already given how cool and interesting he was. The only survivor in Zoom’s attacks on his meta-humans was Killer Frost, who at least understood her place in the world. We have to assume that losing Ronnie (who seems to die in every universe) will make her even angrier, plus much more formidable down the road.

Surprises – Supergirl was seen in the multiverse! Also, the original John Wesley Shipp Flash! Barry has now been captured by Zoom and in his lair, which probably is the biggest surprise of all at the moment given that the whole mission was about going there and stopping him with Harry’s help.

Another fun surprise was seeing the relationship between Iris on Earth-2 and Barry after Earth-1 Barry stepped into the place of his doppelganger. They’re married now, and clearly the Allens have a lot of friends. Anyone notice that names like “Hal” and “Bruce” were listed on the phone?

We’re going to take some time to digest all of this, but for now one word can be used to describe it: Awesome. Grade: A.

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Killer Frost
Killer Frost

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