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This year is the year of the biopic. In fact, the overall majority of acting nominations go to those who portrayed a real life counterpart.

The question I'm sure you've been trying desperately to work out is this — okay, so they act like them, but do they actually look like them?

Well, below is a selection (believe it or not — there are even more) of nominees along with the people they portray for comparison. I've even thrown in a semi-official 'twin factor' ranking. I'm that kind.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio - 'The Revenant'

Real life inspiration: Hugh Glass

Nomination: Actor in a Leading Role

Twin factor: 7/10

Alejandro González Iñárritu's merciless tale is so hard hitting, it's hard to believe the events actually happened.

DiCaprio could finally get the coveted Oscar for the leading role, and if so, he will have earned it. As well as a visual resemblance, the actor put himself through the mire during filming. He even ate raw bison liver.

2. Jennifer Lawrence - 'Joy'

Real life inspiration: Joy Mangano

Nomination: Actress in a Lead Role

Twin factor: 1/10

At the tender age of 25, JLaw has already won an Academy Award for Silver Linings Playbook in 2012. Along with her nominations for Winter's Bone and American Hustle, this year she has a nomination for the biopic Joy.

However, all the good acting in the universe couldn't make Jen resemble her real life counterpart. Part of the challenge was portraying the character from a teen to forty plus, but, still, they could've added a bit of makeup, no?

3. Mark Rylance - 'Bridge of Spies'

Real life inspiration: Rudolf Abel

Nomination: Actor in a Supporting Role

Twin factor: 10/10

Rylance is an accomplished stage actor and playwright who has won three Tony Awards. At the age of 56, this year is his first nomination for an Oscar.

His portrayal of Soviet intelligence officer Abel was stunningly accurate in both character and physical appearance. They even have the same eyebrows. The same eyebrows!

4. Mark Ruffalo - 'Spotlight'

Real life inspiration: Michael Rezendes

Nomination: Actor in a Supporting Role

Twin factor: 8/10

The biopic about a team of journalists who uncovered a sinister child abuse scandal involving Roman Catholic priests has received critical acclaim, and has also been nominated for Best Picture.

Ruffalo demonstrated his versatility with his resemblance of Rezendes, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist from the Boston Globe newspaper.

5. Rachel McAdams - 'Spotlight'

Real life inspiration: Sacha Pfeiffer

Nomination: Actress in a Supporting Role

Twin factor: 6/10

The 37-year-old is another member of the cast of Spotlight in the spotlight this year, having received her first ever nomination.

Her twin factor isn't on the same level as Ruffalo's, but she still has a resemblance to real life reporter Pfeiffer.

6. Eddie Redmayne - 'The Danish Girl'

Real life inspiration: Lili Elbe

Nomination: Actor in a Leading Role

Twin factor: 7/10

Fresh off the back of Oscar glory for his performance as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, Redmayne has received another nomination for another biopic.

This time, his role as Elbe (one of the first known recipients of sex reassignment surgery) is just as challenging in a different way, and the 34-year-old still delivered a stunning performance.

7. Christian Bale - 'The Big Short'

Real life inspiration: Michael Burry

Twin factor: 8/10

Christian Bale is certainly no stranger to physical transformations, having gained or lost weight for roles more often than most have had hot dinners.

His resemblance to Burry is certainly more subtle than previous roles, but on top of his performance, it is enough to channel the hedge fund manager.

8. Michael Fassbender - 'Steve Jobs'

Real life inspiration: Steve Jobs

Nomination: Actor in a Leading Role

Twin factor: 5/10

Fassbender stars in the Steve Jobs movie that doesn't feature Ashton Kutcher, and does a damn fine job with it, too.

On the face of it, the 38-year-old doesn't appear to look anything like the technological genius, but dye his hair and whack on a pair of glasses and shazam!

This is Fassbender's second Oscar nomination; the first was for Best Supporting Actor for 12 Years a Slave in 2013.

9. Bryan Cranston - 'Trumbo'

Real life inspiration: Dalton Trumbo

Nomination: Actor in a Leading Role

Twin factor: 6/10

Yay! Finally Walter White/Malcolm's dad is getting recognition on the big screen! His performance as Hollywood screenwriter Trumbo caught the attention of the Academy, gaining his first Oscar nomination.

Like Fassbender, although not particularly similar in appearance to the character he plays, factor in some thick rimmed glasses and facial fuzz and there you have it.

Which Hollywood doppelgänger is the best?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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