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Despite being a show about a post-apocalyptic world taken over by the living dead, The Walking Dead still somehow manages its share of romances. So, with Season 6 returning to screens on Valentine's Day, greeting card company Hallmark obviously saw an opportunity too good to pass up.

Working together with AMC, Hallmark has produced some absolutely hilarious eCards that are guaranteed to win over even the coldest and most dead of hearts this Valentine's Day.

Take a look at the four cards below, and head over here to send them to your significant other:

1. Death is like a box of chocolates

Your internal organs are like a foil-covered candy, ready to be unwrapped and hungrily devoured.

2. Death becomes you

Much like your appetite for brains, you are ravishing.

3. An appetite for more

A love that never ends, until of course your intestines do.

4. Be still my beating heart!

Mmm, tastes like love.

Which 'Walking Dead' themed Valentine's Day card is your favorite?

'The Walking Dead' returns to screens on February 14th on AMC.

Source: via Hallmark


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