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He might been described as looking like a "topographical map of Utah" in the explosive Deadpool trailer, but Ryan Reynolds's costar Morena Baccarin has christened this warts and more look as 'pizza face.'

While appearing on Tonight with Jimmy Fallon, Baccarin, who plays Vanessa Carlysle in the Fox soon-to-be-smash-hit, explained that it took seven whole hours to look so damned hot. Check out her interview in the video below:

Even though Reynolds's scabby Deadpool look took even more time than your average Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial (trust me, I've had to sit through one, it's exhaustive), the results were clearly worth it. Just look at the before and after pics below to see the dramatic improvement!

Before and after Deadpool
Before and after Deadpool

Bet Reynolds was overjoyed that Deadpool has a mask too because ain't nobody got time for that slap everyday.

Do you think all of Ryan Reynolds's suffering in the makeup chair will be worth it?



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