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Since Scott Eastwood was cast in Suicide Squad the Internet has been abuzz with fan theories about him being anyone from Deathstroke to a simple soldier, but the one rumor that really got the DC posse's collective imagination soaring was the possibility he could be Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Nightwing.

If you need a reminder of Eastwood's two second cameo before we continue, try not to blink and revise a little with the trailer below:

While the enormous amount of rumors about Dick Grayson being pretty much everything and everyone in the DC universes latest crop of movies have been the butt of Internet jokes far and wide, the idea of Eastwood being Nightwing seems to have struck a chord with many.

Graphic designer BossLogic is clearly one of the people in Nightwing's camp because they have made this awesome mock up of how Eastwood could look as Nightwing:

Although only the iconic face mask is depicted, this imagining is every bit as in keeping with Nightwing's general look in the wildly popular web series led by Danny Shepherd.

Who knows which character Scott Eastwood will end up being, but I'm totally open to seeing more of this idea. What about you guys?


Who do you want Scott Eastwood to be in 'Suicide Squad'?



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