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He may only be 9 years old but actor Jacob Tremblay has some of the coolest pals in the world. Whether it's because his performance in Oscar-nominated Room is astonishing, or because he's possibly the most adorable thing to ever grace the award ceremonies this time round, it seems that A-listers are flocking from all over to simply fist bump the little guy.

Need proof? Well, you only have to sneak a peek at his personal Instagram account to see what I mean — here are 12 celebrities who definitely want to be J.Trem's (yep, that's totally a thing now) best friend:

1. Brie Larson

Considering she appears in approximately 70% of Jacob's posts, it's quite clear these two are great pals. After all, they did appear in Room together:

2. Naomi Watts

Nothing says friends forever more than a selfie in front of some canned soup!

3. Amy Schumer

Apparently, she even helped him tie his shoelaces so he didn't trip up. Cuteness overload, or what?

4. Johnny Depp

Yeah that's Johnny D... no biggie.

5. Abraham Atta

Just look how happy Jacob looks alongside his buddy, Beasts of No Nation actor Abraham.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio

Here he is living the dream alongside ultimate don Leonardo DiCaprio — unfortunately, he's still too young for luxury models and scantly clad Victoria's Secret supermodels though. One day, maybe.

7. Michael B. Jordan, Oscar Isaac, and Chris Evans

Yep, you got it — this bunch are all wonderful pals!

9. Rachel McAdams

Rachel sure is a lucky lady!

10. Sylvester Stallone

Nothing to see here... just two absolute champs hanging out! (Also note Stallone's colossal hand in comparison to Jacob's tiny fist!)

11. Jennifer Lawrence

J.Trem + J.Law = Amazing.

And here's a bonus... the Mother Monster herself!

Yep, Jacob is so awesome he even gets Lady Gaga's nod of approval.

Which of the above celebrities would you most like to be friends with?


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