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The era of the GameCube brought us some fantastic games, did it not? And in terms of The Legend of Zelda chronology Twilight Princess was the last game in the series to be released on the little purple box.

It was of course released also for the Nintendo Wii, and last November's Nintendo Direct video address confirmed the rumors that we'd be getting an HD port for the Wii U coming our way next month - March 4th of 2016. Now all we need is a release date for the massively anticipated open-world take on the franchise, The Legend of Zelda Wii U and we're all kinds of set for Nintendo's answer to the next-gen console.

We've already had two excellently crafted 3D HD remakes of what are perhaps the most popular games in the series, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask for the 3DS. And this isn't Nintendo's first forary into HD porting Zelda for the Wii U; 2013's HD remake of The Wind Waker was met with high praise, so we've been anticipating great things from Twilight Princess.

And it is in a lot of ways an underrated game in the Legend of Zelda canon. Heralded as one of the greatest games in the series when it first released back in 2006, fast forward a decade down the line and it hasn't aged all that well nor held the attentions of fans in the same way that the likes of the transcendent Ocarina of Time did.

A little darker and a little more violent that its predecessors, Twilight Princess aligned itself more with Majora's Mask than it did the likes of the cell shaded, more cartoonish looking Wind Waker, featuring a darker, slightly more mature narrative and world.

This may explain why it feels a little off when regarded with the rest of the Legend of Zelda games, but also explains why now is the right time to remake it for the more powerful Wii U over than the dinkier 3DS.

The vast world of Twilight Princess, the biggest in the canon at the time, is well suited to the Wii U platform, and now feels an appropriate time for a return to the fun but more challenging dungeons and slightly darker tone of this particular game as Hyrule slips into the Twilight Realm.

It strikes a definite contrast with many of the other games in the series because of the vastly different aesthetic, but what we've seen of the HD port so far looks pretty damn impressive. But it's more than that, as the announcement trailer tells us:

"It is more than a prettier version of the same game."

And now we've gotten our first look at The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD via Polgon who got to play through what they describe as a "faithful recreation" of the original game. Check out the first 24 minutes of gameplay in their video below, and to take a sneak peek at some content from later in the game you can follow this link here.

I have to say, we're pretty excited after seeing this footage. Not only does it appear to run parallel to the original but the graphics look great, and hearing that music is always a bit of a nostalgia trip.

Sure, Twilight Princess was far from being a "perfect" Zelda game. A little too ahead of the curve in terms of it's open - yet often empty - world and with a story that carries a little bit too much darkness at times, it certainly has its lesser points.

But like Ocarina of Time before it the story is an important staple of the Zelda universe, and Twilight Princess doesn't fail to deliver on that account. The combat is fun and the dungeons through which said combat unfolds are some of the best in the series. Twilight Princess might not have been the most obvious one to remaster right now, but it might just be the one that we need (so basically it's the Dark Knight of video games).

What did you think of the gameplay footage? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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