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Despite The Big Bang Theory being on the air for nine seasons, and almost 200 episodes, the sitcom shows no sign of stopping, frequently topping ratings lists and starring some of the highest paid actors in Hollywood.

Prepare yourself for the upcoming 200th episode of the show on February 25th, and take a look at these 6 interesting secrets from The Big Bang Theory:

1. Sheldon's shirt corresponds to his mood

Most of you will have noticed that Sheldon loves his red Flash shirt, but did you notice that he mostly gravitates toward solid color shirts in general (often orange, green, yellow, and blue)? Interestingly, there might be a deeper meaning behind Sheldon's choice of shirt color. In the Green Lantern comics, colors are associated with a mood or emotion: Green is courage, yellow is fear, blue is hope, and red is anger. Therefore Big Bang Theory watchers can usually tell what mood Sheldon is in by his shirt!

2. The nerds each have their own uniform

Much like Mark Zuckerberg has a wardrobe of the same items, it appears the the nerds of The Big Bang Theory have a similar thing going on! Sheldon prefers to wear long-sleeved shirts underneath his t-shirts, Leonard wears a hoodie, Raj dons collared shirts under knitted sweaters, and Howard loves turtlenecks under his shirts. Even girl-nerd Amy mostly wears a sweater-skirt combo.

3. 73 is important to both Sheldon AND Jim Parsons

In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon's favorite number is 73 for a number of mathematical reasons. However, it's rather coincidental that Sheldon loves 73, given that that 1973 was actually the year that the actor who plays Sheldon, Jim Parsons, was born!

4. Penny and Leonard stick out like sore thumbs

While it's pretty obvious that as a couple Penny and Leonard are a total case of "opposites attract," what is even more interesting is just how different each character is from the other characters in the series of the same gender. For example, Penny is the only female not to wear glasses, and on the flip side, Leonard is the only one of the guys to require them. Pretty cool physical way of showing how Penny and Leonard are definite outliers in their friend groups.

5. No one knows what Penny's last name is

That's right! While we know the surnames of every other main character on the show (Hofstadter, Cooper, Wolowitz, Koothrappali, etc.), the one character whose last name has never been revealed is Penny! Unfortunately, the show's producers have also revealed that we'll probably never learn poor Penny's last name.

6. The apartment numbers in the show often have nerdy meanings

Source: Reddit user Flelk
Source: Reddit user Flelk

You know it's a nerdy show when even the house numbers have hidden meanings! In episode 7 of Season 6 of the show, when Sheldon showed up at Wil Wheaton's house, eagle eyed viewers will have noticed that his house is number 1701 — a reference to the serial number of the USS Enterprise on Star Trek! In that same episode it was also revealed that Amy lived in apartment 314, a direct reference to the mathematical figure, Pi. How perfect is that!

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'The Big Bang Theory' airs on Thursday nights on CBS.

Source: Looper, Reddit


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