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When Austin Lacey was told to remove the outfit he'd worn to school because it was distracting other students, you'd expect that he'd been wearing something inappropriate.

However, the 13-year-old was dressed up as Princess Elsa from Frozen for a designated 'dress up as Disney day.' Clearly unimpressed by the attempt to erode gender stereotypes, his principle wouldn't tolerate the teen dressing as a female character.

When his mom asked the principle at California's Ethan Chase Middle School why he had made that decision, she was told 'it is not okay for boys to dress like girls or girls to dress like boys.'

'I Wore It For Fun'

Austin pictured with the dress
Austin pictured with the dress

Talking of his decision to wear the dress, Austin said:

"I wore it for fun because I'm just one of those people. I like to go all out."

Standing Up For What's Right

Understandably, the decision was far from well received by Austin's mother, Brooke Francev, who published a lengthy Facebook post exclaiming her disappointment with the decision.

However, in an epic twist that would fit within any Disney narrative, Austin's fellow pupils have showed public support by planning an entire week dedicated to students dressing up as the opposite sex in support of LGBT students.

While talking to news outlet KTLA about the response from fellow students at the school, Brooke Francev said:

"My son, personally, he's not a transgender student. But through this, he's really taken a stand on the rights that all people have. Equal rights."

Source: MSN


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