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Now, to say that 2010's Jonah Hex — starring Josh Brolin, Megan Fox and Michael Fassbender — was poorly received by fans and critics alike is one of those giant, hulking understatements you hear so much about. In fact, it was broadly savaged at pretty much every turn, with a current Rotten Tomatoes score of 12%, a Metacritic rating of 33%, and somewhere in the region of a $70 million box office loss.

Which, as it turns out, didn't surprise its leading man all that much, seeing as it turns out that:

Josh Brolin Hated 'Jonah Hex' Just About As Much As Everyone Else

Indeed, as the actor recently revealed during an appearance on the Nerdist podcast, his feelings are... pretty darned fully formed at this point:

"Oh, ‘Jonah Hex,’ hated it. Hated it. The experience of making it — that would have been a better movie based on what we did. As opposed to what ended up happening to it, which is going back and reshooting 66 pages in 12 days and that being… Listen, I understand it's financiers, you’re trying to save their money and it becomes a financial thing, but if — there’s this thing called revenge trading. And I’m disciplined enough to know you never do it."

Which a) reveals that the movie as originally intended would likely have been far more fondly received than what we eventually saw, and b) that the production reshot a huge chunk of the movie in just 12 days — something that's never likely to go well.

As it turns out, though...

Brolin Has An Idea For How To Make A Great 'Jonah Hex' Movie

Specifically, as he put it:

"But with 'Jonah Hex,' if I had $5 million — which is always how I saw that movie. I remember when I was talking to Warner Bros. about doing that movie, ‘High Plains Drifter’ is what I put on the TV, I said, ‘That’s what I wanna do.’ I would do that movie still... If I ever had the balls to spend $5 million, which I don’t, I would do that movie, 'cause that’s the version of that movie that would have been successful, for sure. And it didn’t need to cost anything more than $8-$10 million."

In other words? There's another reality out there somewhere in which — the actually very well-cast — Brolin made a Jonah Hex movie for less than $10 million, and we all loved it.

Damn it, multiverse.

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