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Bethesda recently announced the official worldwide release date for Doom 2016. The game is set to revive a franchise that has been dormant for over 10 years, and hopefully demonstrate the timeless nature of id Software's design. Doom is a name that changed the course of video game history, however it's unlikely that the same will happen in 2016.

While we're excited to see the return of such a famed name in the industry, we have our reservations about Bethesda and id Software's collaboration. After all, there have been significant advancements to the face of first-person shooters in the last 12 years. Can Doom 4 feel like a relevant and satisfying FPS in 2016?

A Relevant Shooter? 4 Things We Need in Doom 2016


Doom's developers are quoted saying that the combat of the franchise is essentially timeless. In many ways, they're right. Doom popularized the first-person shooter genre back in the day and we know how much money the likes of Call Of Duty makes now. But with Titanfall and Black Ops 3 introducing new and refined FPS experiences, is just basic shooting and fast movement enough to make this a compelling adventure for a 2016 audience?

Draw From A Classic

This video shows IGN playing some co-op with Doom's creator, John Romero, as he discusses the inspiration for the game's design, levels, secrets and combat. It's a fantastic insight into game development and how audience's expectations have shifted substantially. While we want Doom 2016 to make extreme improvements upon the original's design, it needs to have that nostalgic factor for everyone who loved this classic.

A Great Narrative

id Software was responsible for some of the most famous names in gaming history. We have Quake, Doom, and of course, Wolfenstein. Even though id Software weren't involved in the creation of the latest installment in the latter franchise, Wolfenstein: The New Order, there's something we hope they can learn from it. MachineGames managed to create a fantastic narrative, rife with excellent characters. Doom has a fairly decent history when it comes to storytelling, and though that's not always the main focus with these games, let's hope this can be improved upon with Doom 4.


Even Greater Gore

Doom is famous for its violence and it seems that Bethesda and id Software aren't exactly shying away from the gore in this reboot. We've seen heads torn off, stomachs ripped open, bodies sawed in half, limbs blown apart, you name it! We just hope that the melee finishers don't become repetitive, but that the game will continuously surprise us with its potential for bloody murder.

E-Sports Potential Multiplayer

We've seen how Doom 2016 is drawing from the great maps that the likes of John Romero gifted us over the years. We just hope that id Software still have what it takes to create multiplayer maps and modes that will keep us busy for years to come. The most we can hope for is that Doom 4 has E-sports potential, while introducing a multiplayer experience that differs from the standards that Call of Duty and Halo have recently given us.

Doom will be released worldwide for PC, XBOX One and PS4 on May 13th.


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