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Hello Moviepilot, I have returned from my slumber to reveal who I believe to behind the villain of The Flash Season 2. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. There are a few kinks here and there but I'll try my best to explain them. Now without further ado, here is your Zoom:

Earth-2 Jay Garrick

Maybe you've heard this one before, maybe you haven't. But let's face it, pretty much everyone has been theorised to be Zoom at this point so the only thing fresh I can provide on this theory is perspective. Good news is, there's a lot of evidence to back this theory up.

1. There's Only One Speedster On Earth-2

Shirtless Jay, because why not?
Shirtless Jay, because why not?

Ask yourself this, what are the odds that there are two people who both gain super speed from the dark matter explosion on Earth-2? Not very high, are they? Wouldn't it just make more sense if there was only one speedster masquerading as two different alter egos?

2. Where The Hell Is Jay Garrick Most Of The Time?

Something that I'm constantly picking up on is Jay's tendency is just to pop in and out of Team Flash like it's no big thing. He seems to rarely ever be around and when he isn't, Zoom isn't too far behind. When have we seen Jay and Zoom in the same room? (Hehe, rhyme). The only time was when Jay was telling the story about Zoom taking his powers.

And after watching Welcome To Earth-2, we know that story is a lie.

3. All In The Name

Something interesting I picked up on in earlier interviews is The Flash creators saying that Zoom's identity will pay an homage to the comics. How exactly are they going to do that? Well doesn't Jay Garrick's Earth-1 doppelgänger have the name "Hunter Zolomon", the same name of Zoom from the comics? This is probably the closest thing we're getting to an homage to comics Zoom.

4. The Motive Makes Perfect Sense

Zoom is obsessed with taking speed (not the drugs, silly), we don't know why. Does he need more speed? Who else do we know needs speed? Jay Garrick is dying and the only hopes of staying alive is by gaining more speed. Maybe Zoom isn't trying to be the fastest speedster, but simply save his own life.

In Welcome To Earth-2, we find out that Jay Garrick wanted more speed so he took Velocity-6. This is what took his speed away and made him dying. Sounds a lot like something Zoom would do.

The Problems

Much like any fan theory, there are some bumps. And it would be a crime not to acknowledge them. I'm going to shed some light on some of the issues with this theory and try to provide a solution.

1. Jay Garrick Is Already The Flash

Okay, this seems reasonable. Why would Jay be both The Flash and Zoom? Well, as I said before, Jay starts off as a hero but then becomes terminally ill and the only way to save himself is by gaining more speed. How do we solve this problem? By becoming a super villain. It's a little weird to think about these nemeses being the same person but that's just how it is.

2. Jay's Different Speed Force Powers

Another little problem is that Jay has yellow speed force lightning and Zoom has blue speed force lightning. One thing to remember is that we're not entirely sure how the speed force works on this show. Maybe when Jay started dying, his lightning turned blue. This one's slightly problematic.

What are your thoughts on this theory? Don't expect many articles from me, I don't intend on being a regular writer any more. This was just something I felt I needed to write.


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