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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Final Destination 3 is TEN years old today! The fan favorite took us on a rollercoaster of love and it's still the Final Destination movie I've seen the most times. If you're a big fan of Final Destination 3 then you probably want to listen to this song while you read about the movie...

Check out X awesome facts you probably never knew about fan favorite Final Destination 3!

1. A Numbers Game

Remember Alex and his friends getting onto the ill-fated flight 180 in the first Final Destination movie? There are two references to that number in Final Destination 3: the tag that gets caught and sets off the deaths in the hardware store is numbered 081 - 180 backwards. 081 is also the number of the train at the end of Final Destination 3; it's a nice way of showing the cyclical nature of the franchise's events.

Here's the train scene.

2. Rollercoaster... of DEATH

Sure, you probably caught the fairly obvious symbolism of having Ashlyn and Ashley hear 'Love Rollercoaster' in the tanning booth, but did you know the scary real life history behind the song?

'Love Rollercoaster' was a hit for the Ohio Players in 1975. There's a perceptible scream between the first verse and the second, rumored to be the scream of a woman being murdered. The second most popular version of the urban legend says that the woman modeling nude for the band's album cover screamed when she was burned by the hot honey pouring onto her skin.

Still, one of the band members, while not denying the rumors, said that the band enjoyed the speculation:

"People were asking us, "Did you kill this girl in the studio?" The band took a vow of silence because you sell more records that way."

3. Headline News

Just before the end of Final Destination 3, there's a hobo asleep on a bench. One of the papers he has references the events of Final Destination 2 - with the rather fine headline 'Faulty Woodchipper to Blame' - foreshadowing some FD2 characters appearing on train 081.

4. I hope you like rollercoasters...

To get the rollercoaster scene right, the cast had to ride over 26 times in a row. If you want to ride the 'coaster yourself, head on down to Playland at Vancouver's Pacific National Exhibition. Most of the movie's rollercoaster scenes were shot on the ride known as the 'Corkscrew', although its 65ft drop is a bit smaller than the film's 200ft plunge.

5. Fork That!

Actor Kris Lemche spent two days learning to drive a forklift truck for the scene in the hardware store, plus the crew took 20 takes to get the hammer and forklift gear stick to connect in the right way for this great scene...

6. High School Musical: Final Destination

Erin (Johnson), Julie (Crew), Tisdale & Hudgens
Erin (Johnson), Julie (Crew), Tisdale & Hudgens

Ashley Tisdale auditioned for the role of Erin (Alexz Johnson) and Vanessa Hudgens went for the part of Julie (Amanda Crew). It could all have been so different!


Which is your favorite Final Destination sequel?

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