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Karly Rayner

Disney has teased that Star Wars Land is nowhere near as far, far away as that infamous galaxy in a brand new promo for The Wonderful World of Disney: Disneyland 60.

Although the much-anticipated Star Wars Land only got a few seconds of airtime, the snippets of footage are enough to have fans exploding into the stratosphere with excitement. Some of the wonders we got have a teeny peek at include:

Harrison Ford as a guest star!

This epic blue roller coaster!

The Millennium Falcon on what looks like Takodana!

What could be a Star Wars simulator!

And a Light Saber Orchestra

Check out the 30-second promo for yourself below, but make sure you concentrate or you will lose the Star Wars stuff behind your eye lids!

Hopefully we will get to see loads more of Star Wars land in the full program which airs Sunday, February 21 at 8:00p.m. EST on the ABC Television Network.

Will you make the pilgrimage to Star Wars Land?



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