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As always in Hollywood, things are subject to change, which is often the case when it comes to the release dates for some of the most highly anticipated films. More often than not, they are pushed back, leaving us as fans with an even larger gap to fill as we wait patiently.

But once in a blue moon, the re-shuffling of release dates falls in our favor, the Gods of film look down upon us mere mortals and throw us a bone, and this just may be about to happen for everyone's favorite Scarlet Speedster.

Image from the Justice League CW special.
Image from the Justice League CW special.

With the release date for Star Wars: Episode 8 moved to December 15, 2017, it has been reported that Warner Bros. has done a little maneuvering to avoid the raging juggernaut that is Star Wars. (Which, if you think about it, is a logical and smart move financially, I mean as a business, I wouldn't look forward to trying to contend with something as universally loved as Star Wars.)

Because of the movement with the next Star Wars installment, Warner Bros. has moved the new Spielberg title, Ready Player One, back from its 2017 slot to March 30, 2018 — which again is a wise move with a lesser known title, especially one based within the same genre. I mean any sci-fi title — no matter how big — just wouldn't come off well against our favorite galactic soap opera.

(I know I've not gotten to The Flash yet, but trust me, this Warner Bros. news all comes together.)

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen
Ezra Miller as Barry Allen

But don't worry my fellow film fanatics, The Flash movie could be racing to our screens a lot sooner than originally speculated. It's been heavily rumored that a mystery film slot on March 23, 2018 was being held by Warner Bros. for The Flash.

But this mystery film has now been moved forward from its March 23rd slot to March 2, 2018, which is obviously because of the movement of Ready Player One (told you it'd all tie together).

Ezra Miller as The Flash - Fan Art
Ezra Miller as The Flash - Fan Art

Whether or not this mystery film being placed in the March 2, 2018 slot will actually be The Flash remains to be seen.

But with the popularity of The Flash TV series skyrocketing, I think Warner Bros. would be foolish not to capitalize on the success this character is having — especially after all the work the show is doing when it comes to creating the multiverse for the DCEU.

With this success and the high level of praise both actors (Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin, as movie Flash and TV Flash) have heaped on each other for their respective roles, there could even be the possibility that we will see these two share some screen time at some point in the future. But I'm sure that's just the greedy super fan in me talking.

Grant Gustin as CW's Flash.
Grant Gustin as CW's Flash.

Warner Bros. and DC are definitely using Grant Gustin's Flash as a catalyst for bigger things, and most insiders in the industry are heavily pointing their fingers towards this news being accurate.

So whether you're a Flash fan or a fan of Ezra Miller in general, I think it's time to start getting excited, I mean we now potentially have 21 fewer days to wait for The Flash's own solo movie.

Check out Ezra Miller's featured spot on the CW special Dawn Of The Justice League below, just to help raise your excitement level for this film even more:

What are your speculations on the movement in Warner Bros.'s film schedule? Sound off in the comments section and share your excitement.


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