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Now, for a man currently headlining a major Hollywood movie, Ryan Reynolds is remarkably willing to joke about... pretty much anything he damn well feels like. That freedom, of course, is one of the biggest perks of playing a loud-mouthed super-powered mercenary on the big screen — it's tough for studio execs to get mad at you for being mouthy when doing so is essentially just an extended trailer for the movie you're promoting.

It does, however, come with its own fair share of risks — especially when the subject of just who leaked THAT Deadpool test footage a year or so ago comes up.

Y'know, this test footage:

It's still distinctly unclear just who leaked that footage onto the interweb — with said leaking being credited with getting the Deadpool movie we're about to see green-lit in the first place.

Or, at least, it was distinctly unclear...

It Sure Does Seem Like Ryan Reynolds Just Revealed That He Leaked That Test Footage

That, at least, is the impression that Reynolds's recent appearance on Fallon gave, with Reynolds revealing that:

"I know that one of us did it... There’s four of us: me, [screenwriters] Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Tim Miller the director. We all said at the beginning that someone should leak it, so the idea was planted, but I’m 70 percent sure it wasn’t me."

Which, while not quite a full admittance of guilt, is still awfully close to an acknowledgement of potential involvement. After all, the act of being 70% sure you didn't do something also implies that there's a 30% chance you did.

Or, y'know Reynolds is just continuing to screw with us, what with him being the living, breathing embodiment of Deadpool and all.

What do you think, though?


Did Reynolds leak THAT Deadpool footage?

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