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So everyone is talking about last night's crazy episode of the Flash. The episode was chock full of references such as a confirmation of Supergirl existing in the Arrrowverse, Jonah Hex, possibly the Legion of Superheroes, and more.

And then there was, of course, the phone. You know, that phone? The one that had the names of Bruce, Hal, and Diana on it? And of course Eddie.

Before I continue with what I'm going to say, I'm going to talk about the theories about Zoom's identity so bare with me a moment. There sure are a lot of them too. Some think it's Eddie of Earth-2, Hunter Zolomon and there are some people who think it could be Barry's father. But I think it is Barry Allen of Earth 2.

I know what you're thinking: "But we've already seen Barry of Earth 2 and he was just a regular guy!" True. Or at least he seemed like it. But think about it for a moment, Zoom's gang consisted of Killer Frost, Deathstorm, and "Reverb," who many now know as the villainous duplicate of our very own Cisco Ramon. With this information in mind it seems like other people who are good people on Earth 2 are bad in some way. Not all, but some of them anyway. Take Linda Park for example. On Earth 1 she was a regular person, but Earth 2 she was the supervillain Doctor Light.

I think that Barry could still be Zoom, because think about it, he could still be keeping a secret. It is very possible. Barry-1 kept his identity of the Flash a secret from people. Couldn't Barry-2 be capable of the same thing? Not super strong evidence but I think it's possible. Also take into account that we don't really see Barry-2 much in this episode. Where was he the whole time? We may not find out till next week or later.

Anyway, now my phone theory comes in. Continuing from the theme of "good people being bad" on Earth 2. Who does Barry have on his phone but none other than Bruce, Hal, and Diana? Now I think it's possible that Barry-2 not only knows them personally but also had a working relationship with them. Think about it.

Batman, Wonderwoman, and I believe Green Lantern are off limits to the small screen? Some comic fans will know that in the books, there are evil versions of the Justice League. On the parallel world of Earth-3, Batman is Owlman, Wonderwoman is Superwoman, and Green Lantern is Power Ring. Now I know Batman, Wonderwoman and Green Lantern may be off limits to the small screen, but are their villainous duplicates? Guess we'll have to wait to find out.

Do you agree with me? Or do you think I'm an idiot? Guess we'll have to wait to find out.


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