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Man of Tomorrow is a fan-made project that is now four years in the making. We took our time to make sure that we had accurate costumes, the right actors and set locations that were similar in look and feel to the Kent farm from the Smallville TV series. If you've got a moment, you might want to have a look at this French take on the Superman legend.

Clark in Smallville (photo by S. Marsais)
Clark in Smallville (photo by S. Marsais)


The film starts with a prologue in space, and a trip to Earth as in the original Superman from 1978. In the following scenes, our characters find themselves in the mountains near Metropolis where we find Kal-El, and the beginning of our story.

Man of Tomorrow is a classic coming of age (origins) story. You will see Clark Kent grow into Superman, but he will need some help until he becomes "the man of Tomorrow" that we've come to know. This guidance comes from none-other than the Dark Knight himself!

Batman "AND" Superman NO "V" around here !
Batman "AND" Superman NO "V" around here !

YES, Batman is the mentor for Superman in this film, not an enemy nor a rival, in that way this project offers a different point of view than the one we will see in cinemas next month in Dawn of Justice.

Trust me, you've never seen a fan-film like this before.

'Man of Tomorrow'

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