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Good shows are hard to come by, and finding a good comedy show to stick with these days can be an even greater challenge. It’s often hard to pinpoint what kinds of shows we like and what humor holds our attention. However, just by looking at which comedy shows have risen to high levels in the entertainment industry over the last decade or so, it’s easy to see that people like humor that both represents everyday life as well as shows where there’s a bit of truth (which is why reality TV is so popular and how TruTV remains as a top go-to channel).

A new web series premieres on February 11th that combines these two attributes: side-splitting comedy styled like that on The Office or Parks and Recreation, and real every-day life. It’s the perfect blend of comedy, improv and life.

The Gratitude Clan is a YouTube show about people getting into messes—really, really stupid, illegal messes—which they can only get out of through community service. Not just any community service will do, though; these people must take on jobs that reform the way they think and teach them to think of others over themselves. Whatever stupid acts the characters do must be expiated through the characters being plopped into similar situations and learning new ways of life.

The Gratitude Clan is set in Boise, Idaho and features local celebrities and lovable characters revolving around community service and doing time. FOX journalist Lauren Johnson appears on the show as a part of its fictitious-turned-real-life community service, (quite literally) life-altering program.

The press release shed a little more light on the subject of this show as follows:

The people ‘sentenced’ to The Gratitude Clan are not violent, malicious or dangerous in any way—they are just idiots. Created by Catrine McGregor, the first program participants are local actors Easton Lay, Jared, Nichole and Holland Stull, Daniel Frandson, Julien McGregor, Idaho William, Paden Hoyd and Jackson Leach. Though the program and the participants’ transgression are fictitious, the community service they do is not. We will follow each character as they perform good deeds throughout the Treasure Valley. As the show develops, the characters will evolve into more caring, aware individuals. But not to worry, there will always be new amusing characters joining the program.

The Gratitude Clan will air the second Thursday of each month after its premiere on February 11, 2016. Check out the fun disarray on their YouTube channel at, and follow them on Facebook for updates on the show as well as extras, including photos from behind the scenes.

Don’t just take our word for it—check out the show for yourself and let us know what you think. We’ll be reviewing episodes and giving out more information in the weeks to come, so stay tuned!


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