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Funny Or Die gave the world more of what it has been gorging on: Donald Trump material. The Donald cannot be stopped; whether it's from his supporters or detractors, he's getting attention. Now that being said, this Funny or Die movie that seems hastily made, rips him a new one. All the classic material we've heard is reiterated, but it somehow still works because as insane as this 'movie' is, everything going on with Donald is beyond comprehension anyway.

Trump supporters or the man himself certainly won't appreciate the ribbing, however, for a guy as brash as him, he should be handle the comedy in it. That's way too idealistic though.

The movie attacks Trump on many levels, using his book as a platform. Then it pretty much mocks his intelligence, arrogance, business acumen, racism, morals, integrity, voice, and of course his hair. It's practically a big 'F-you' to The Donald, so if you hate Trump, this is the movie for you. The massive amount of cameos keep it entertaining as well, especially Johnny Depp portraying Trump and Alf. Yes, Alf the late 80s puppet-alien sitcom.

There are some negatives, even if you happen to be a Trump hater. It's a bit slow. The chapters they reference from the book of 'Mastering The Art Of The Deal' seem to blend together and the schtick gets a little tiring.

What refreshes the tiring material is Depp as Donald interacting with 'normal' people, specifically with a homeless man, and most certainly with the kid he's mentoring. Depp/Donald switches the kid three times after learning their ethnicity and it just elicits smiles. His constant badgering of Ivana is delightful too. Finally, the VHS-style quality gives it an interesting comedic appeal.

Basically if you have time to kill and are bored, this was a nice sudden surprise. The main problem I have is not with the jokes, but the validation Trump is getting from all the attention. While the movie does expose Trump as flip-flopper (used to be a Democrat), and as a shady business man (shady real estate zoning, countless filings for bankruptcy, and lawsuits) he still wins in a way. This just feeds him, so in a sense we're all LOSERS!


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