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Or is it just another way for a website to gain views, stating a bunch of BS? I have read both series by both authors. I can tell you from a readers standpoint they are nothing a like. Dark Hunters is an adult paranormal series that takes place in New Orleans. It has no central set of characters since each book could be considered a stand alone. It is sexual in nature. Yes, there is that underlying 'warriors to save the world' similarity. But that's it. And honestly, that's the basis of many paranormal series. Take BDB for instance- warriors trying to save their race. Vampire Academy series- Same thing. It's a common place in Vampire/Paranormal books. Mortal Instruments is a YA series that focuses on Clary and Jace mostly. It's not stand alones and there's these different types of places they visit. In no way shape or form are they similar. If this is true, I think the authors are idiots to pursue it. If it's not, you should be ashamed of yourself for posting something so off skew and full of holes, that no one in their right mind would actually believe. I sure don't. P.S. Who cares if she wrote FAN FICTION? And Changing 1 letter to your name doesn't make you inconspicuous. P.S.S. I am a fan of both authors- and will side with neither- except on the fact that NEITHER series is similar. You'd only have to read 1 of each of the books to clearly see that.

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