ByDanny Ball, writer at

NBC feels as if Lucy Lawless will overshadow the direction of where they're going with the reboot, I think NBC will set themselves up for an epic fail without Lucy playing Xena again, and it will disappoint millions of fans without her. Truth is why would Lucy be apart of something that doesn't benefit her, she conquered the role as Xena and yes she will overshadow anyone else who plays Xena; and statement fact is no one can be Xena but Lucy Lawless. Another thing too why would Rob Tapert be involved with NBC on this reboot to disappoint fans by replacing her with an new actress, come on now Rob you disappointed us once already with the series finale by killing Xena; and now team up with NBC on a reboot without her. A chakram up side the heads of you guys will give you common since to know Lucy Lawless has many skills and is the one and only Xena!!!! Remember in the animated cartoon The Battle For Mount Olympus when the narrator stated staring Lucy Lawless as the one and only Xena!!! Come on you guys you're going to hurt a lot fans if you do this without Lucy Lawless honestly if you guys do this without her I'm not going to watch it at all. So can NBC, Rob Tapert and Sam Rami battle on with Lucy Lawless as Xena and what the hell Xena and the hunger games have in common and Jennifer Lawson could never be Xena excuse my French but Jupiter's cock will you guy come to grip and stop being fucking cunts on this replacement of goat shit new modern Xena without Lucy Lawlessm


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