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When I was asked to review this by the star of the film, who also happens to be a Facebook friend of mine, I didn’t really have a clue what to expect. ‘I played the rapist in THE DEVIL’S WOODS,’ he told me cheerfully, referring to the low-budget horror flick by up-and-coming Irish director Anthony White. The movie took the Irish Film Institute by storm during their 2015 Horrorthon. ‘Oh, and I kind of play a weirdo in LIMP as well,’ he added. He’s not kidding…

LIMP typifies everything that’s good about independent horror films. I was glued to it from beginning to end. The storyline is utterly gripping. Eoin Quinn plays the lead character, a chap called Mr. Grot. You wouldn’t expect a guy with a name like that to be a sex symbol, would you? And you’d be right. Mr. Grot is a socially awkward loner. He dresses unfashionably, he has no friends that we know of, and he finds it hard to talk to girls. Unless they’re dead. You heard me…

Mr. Grot has a house-guest. She’s docile, amenable and easy to please. That’s because she’s, well, dead. Just like I implied in the last paragraph. She’s about his own age. He chats away to her while they’re eating dinner together, he dresses her up in nice little outfits which he sources from shops in Dublin city centre (I saw Moore Street…!) and he even has sex with her. They actually show that. I love it that they did that. It shows real balls. Except they didn’t. Show real balls, that is. Ain’t nobody needs to see that, haha.

The scene where Mr. Grot is dancing with ‘his’ girl while she’s alive and happy and animated is interspersed with shots of him dragging the corpse around his living-room in a grotesque parody of a dance. It’s well done and so chilling. It would really make you think about how many men out there might actually be into this kind of thing. Ted Bundy, after all, found dead women much easier to control than real live breathing ones. I think our friend Mr. Grot has more than a touch of the Ted Bundys about him.

The corpse starts to decay, however, as corpses do. It’s a little quirk of theirs. And the people in the missing woman’s office (it’s Mr. Grot’s office too) are starting to wonder what the hell’s happened to her. All this stuff really freaks out our main man. Maybe the enormity of what he’s done is starting to hit home or maybe, as is more likely, the fear of exposure and prison is what’s getting to him.

Whatever the inner workings of his mind, however, he decides that he can’t leave Corpserella lying around the flat anymore. She’s starting to stink the joint out, anyway. He makes a decision so grim and grisly that you’ll need a strong stomach to keep watching. The great thing is that most of the horror is implied and not shown. Your imagination fills in the gaps. That’s a sure sign of good horror right there. Sometimes what you don’t see is even scarier, as has been proven time and again in some of the best horror films.

Eoin Quinn is terrific in this role. You believe every bit of his performance. He is Mr. Grot, a weak, selfish individual who cruelly separated a mother from her child just because he wanted to have her all to himself. Anto and Jacinta are two great characters as well. Trust me, unless you’ve seen a tattooed native Dubliner beating the shite out of someone in slow motion to the accompaniment of the most beautiful choral music imaginable, you haven’t really lived.

The cinematography in the film is top-notch stuff. The shots of red skies, the sea, birds flying and the Dublin mountains in all their glory are just stunning. There’s a gorgeous original score too by a chap called Chris Zabriskie and a rather interesting red herring that packs a bit of a wallop. In fact, I really can’t think of anything bad to say about this film. It’s brilliant, and it’s available to watch online as well. I would definitely watch anything else of director Shaun Ryan’s. He’s got it going on, haha, and this is a fine debut if ever there was one. Oh, and we’re not told directly why the film is called LIMP but a quick game of word association and a wee bit of imagination ought to sort that one out for you…!

The central character of Mr. Grot is undoubtedly the best thing about LIMP. The strong characterisation pays off and the memory of Eoin’s performance (we’re friends, I can call him that) will stay with you long after the credits have rolled. Go check this film out for yourself. There’s even a clip of classic British comedy ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE thrown in for free. What more do you people want…?


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