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Slated for release in the US on February 26th, is the underdog feel good story of Eddie The Eagle. But wait, don't let that deter you if those sort of stories aren't your thing. This story is witty, brutally honest at times, and forced many smiles on my face. Plus it had Wolverine ( Hugh Jackman ) in it. Despite the real Eddie Edwards being made aware the majority of the story would be 'made up', he should be pleased that the film sends the timeless, and often needed message to never give up.

Directer Dexter Fletcher, along with writers Simon Kelton and Sean Macaulay take you on a lifelong pursuit of greatness with Eddie ( Taron Egerton ). Since childhood, which was plagued by a physical ailment, bullies, and the lack of athletic abilities in general, Eddie simply wanted to be an Olympian. He just wasn't sure what sport yet. His heart soon was set on the dangerous Winter sport of ski jumping though. His tenacious spirit, much like the actual Eddie Edwards, led him to the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary to compete in this very event.

Eddie was lacking a coach unfortunately, delivering wise cracks, life experience, and friendship in this life defining moment. Enter Bronson Peary ( Jackman ) who supplies just this, and much more. A retired champion of the sport, Peary takes note of Eddies determination, and injuries succumbed. Knowing damn well the kid will not quit, Peary decides to take him under his wing per say. I really enjoyed the relationship between the coach and Eddie, playing out everything it means to have someone believe in you, and be there next to you when you can prove everyone wrong.


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