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Quite a long time ago, shortly after they actually announced the film, I tried (and failed) to contact Warner Bros. to let them know that I had what I thought at the time (and still think now) would be the perfect plot for Batman v Superman, and that they should hire me to write it.

This of course was a ridiculous attempt, but I still think my idea was pretty good, so I've decided to tell the internet just how the movie would have been if Warner Bros. had actually noticed my idea and got back to me.

Here it is:

Scene 1. (a flashback scene set in the 1990s): Starts off showing Gotham city at night, accompanied by Shirley Walker’s second Batman the Animated Series theme tune. The camera pans away to show a teenage girl who is walking her dog in the forest at night, and suddenly gets hit by a glowing green meteorite (this will be key to the plot later).

Scene 2. (Present day) Scene shows Lex Luthor complaining about serious financial and personnel losses to his company, following Superman and Zod practically destroying Metropolis in the previous movie, and finds it insulting that people are idolising an alien who did nothing to earn his power, and who as a part of the cause of much of the city's damage. Out of bitterness and envy, Luthor creates a plan to use genetic engineering technology from Cadmus connections to create a genomorph (which in appearance greatly resembles Doomsday) powerful enough to destroy superman like swatting a fly.

Scene 3. Luthor attempts to mislead Bruce Wayne into building armour and weaponry for a plan B, though Wayne realises that the tech cannot be for the use Luthor states (some kind of energy excuse), and immediately shuts Luthor down.

Scene 4. Any kind of generic scene between Clark and Lois, in order to actually establish some of their character development we never really got in Man of Steel.

Scene 5. Frustrated by his lack of success with Wayne (whose intelligence Luthor had underestimated, due to Wayne's false persona as a "billionaire playboy"), Luthor sends the creature after Superman too early, before it is mature, and the creature goes on a rampage throughout Metropolis, killing numerous people.

Scene 6. Making a semi-obvious excuse, Clark ditches Lois and goes off to fight the monster, leading to a violent and brutal confrontation, which ends with Superman throwing the monster into the Sun.

Scene 7. Dr. Hank Henshaw and his research team, including his wife, are aboard the international space station when a sudden blast of gamma radiation suddenly emits from the sun, immediately after the creature is thrown in, which strikes the ISS and kills everyone aboard, except Henshaw and his wife, who call in the emergency, and evacuate the station in a shuttle.

Scene 8. Lex Luthor, examining the chemical composition of Superman's blood, notices striking similarities in trace elements with both a meteor that landed outside Gotham city 20 years before, and the bodies of several people whose bodies were recently found inexplicably turned into a green glass, and begins to formulate a dark plan (this links to scene 1).

Scene 9. Batman investigates the “glass deaths”, and holds a stakeout of the area with Batgirl and Robin (Tim Drake) of the area where the deaths took place. They spot 6 thugs and a woman mugging a young couple, and notice that the forehead of one of the thugs is made of the green glass, making his brain visible (he's based on supervillain The Id from Batman and Robin #26 (pre-New 52 issue No.)). The 3 then easily overpower the goons, but the woman gets away.

Scene 10. Batman dangles The Id off the side of a skyscraper to try to get him to talk about who he was working for, but The Id calls his bluff, citing Batman's famous "no killing" rule. Batman punches The Id in the face, and chips off a piece of the green glass from the man's forehead, which Robin picks up, as a souvenir.

Scene 11. Unable to get anywhere, he hands The Id over to Commissioner Gordon, then asks Robin for the piece of green glass, which he noticed Robin picking up.

Scene 12. Batman and Alfred are seen in the Batcave, with Batman chemically analysing the green glass sample. He notices some abnormalities in Kr-content, and compares them with both the meteor (scene 1) and Superman's blood (scene 8), as he recognised patterns from their analyses (due to his photographic memory). Batman then mistakenly starts to suspect that Superman may be behind the "glass murders", and then gets a phone call from Lex Luthor, who reiterates the same data, and states that he also thinks there's a connection.

Scene 13. Believing Superman to have a murderous new power and outlook, Batman goes about building a "Superman-Buster" robo-suit.

Scene 14. Hank Henshaw's wife dies of stage 4 blood cancer. Henshaw, knowing that Lexcorp are the only ones with the nanotechnology to heal him, desperately pleads with Luthor for his life. Luthor reminds Henshaw of how Superman was responsible for everything, in order to incite a vengeful side in Henshaw, before using nanomites to upload Henshaw's consciousness into the Lexcorp computers, saying "I have big plans for you, Dr Henshaw. You had better not disappoint."

Scene 15. Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen attend a mystery press conference held by Lexcorp, and engage in a witty, to and fro conversation before it starts. Clark immediately becomes very surprised when he sees both Luthor and Bruce Wayne step up to the podium, and explain that their separate data both seem to clearly show that Superman was behind the glass murders, and has developed an awful new power to kill people by turning them into glass. Clark (obviously knowing this to be untrue), questions Luthor and Wayne over how they got their samples, and what possible motive Superman could have for doing any of this.

Neither Luthor nor Wayne give a definitive answer, but it doesn't matter, as the people start to fear and turn against Superman.

Scene 16. Superman flies up to Lois's apartment to convince her of his innocence and righteousness, but Lois is confused by it all and doesn't know what to think, especially since she hasn’t really known Superman all that long in this continuity. The conversation turns very emotional, and she tells Superman to get out, causing him to fly away.

Scene 17. Hank Henshaw awakens in a new nanotech body that looks exactly like Superman, but has a cybernetic interior. Luthor is proud of his work and congratulates Henshaw, who is undergoing a bit of a nervous breakdown, on being such a great test subject. He then gives Henshaw a Superman costume, and informs him of his plan to falsely incriminate Superman, and asks if Henshaw will join him. Henshaw agrees. To keep his plan completely secret, Luthor shoots his lab technician in the head, and has nanomites eat his body and all evidence that he was ever there.

Scene 18. Public mistrust in Superman leads to fear and paranoia in the media, and causes large scale protests demanding that Superman leaves the plant. Clark and Lois are both seen interviewing protestors and both are visibly distressed.

Scene 18. Telephone conversation between Clark and Martha Kent. Martha believes Clark’s innocence, and suggests he visits her in Smallville. Clark agrees.

Scene 19. Luthor heads to Gotham city to investigate the “Glass Murders” himself, and finds a mentally unstable woman in the vicinity of the attacks. The woman, now going by the name Sister Crystal (based on Sister Crystal from Batman and Robin #26, this is the same woman struck by the meteor in scene 1), tries to attack Luthor, who is guarded by Mercy. When Sister Crystal’s arm makes contact with Mercy’s, it starts to transform into green glass, so she breaks her own arm off to prevent her entire body from vitrifying.

Luthor manages to talk the two out of fighting, and convinces Sister Crystal to join him.

Scene 20. Knowing full well that he is innocent, Clark calls in a favour with Gotham PD (on the way to Smallville) to take a look at one of the glass victims. Once in the morgue, Superman immediately develops his first headache, and when the body is revealed as a solid green, human-shaped crystal, his entire body writhes in pain, as it is an exceptionally potent variety of kryptonite. Clark is forced to use the memory-erasing kiss from Superman 2 on the morgue attendant. He then heads to Smallville.

Scene 21. Henshaw/Cyborg Superman flies over Gotham Park, while under his flight path, Sister Crystal is randomly murdering civillians to incriminate Superman. Batman observes Henshaw from a distance, and believing him to be both Superman and the killer, he takes the batplane to confront him, and he jumps out of the plane, wearing the Superman Buster suit, and lands on Henshaw. The two then begin a violent confrontation which destroys three buildings, and results in Henshaw escaping.

Scene 22. Clark and his mother watch the footage of the imposter, and Clark (against his mother’s pleas) flies over to Gotham to prove his innocence to Batman, so that they can find the real killer.

Scene 23. Superman flies overhead of Batman, who is patrolling in the Batmobile, and he tells Batman that they need to talk. Batman gets out of the Batmobile, and listens to Clark’s account of what happened. Not quite believing it however, Batman throws a block of Kryptonite at Superman, which he had determined would harm Superman using his chemical analysis. He then proceeds to beat up Superman, but Superman then knees Batman in the chest, fracturing 6 of his ribs.

Unable to fight back in his current state, Batman activates a signal, and the Superman Buster suit flies across the city to meet him, putting itself on him for the final confrontation.

The fight becomes more evenly matched, and so Superman uses his laser vision to slice the robotic batsuit’s arm off, being careful to avoid actually harming Bruce seriously.

Bruce realises that Superman wouldn’t be trying so hard not to kill him if he were the killer, so he simply gives up fighting. Without realising this, Superman punches Batman into submission, so Batman releases a high frequency soundwave to knock him out, before taking the unconscious Clark to the Batcave in the Batmobile.

Scene 24. Clark wakes up in the Batcave, Batman tells him that he knows who he is, and knows that he’s been framed. Batman removes his cowl, revealing himself to be Bruce Wayne, though Clark says that he already knew, having used his X-ray vision on him during their fight. The two talk about everything and everyone they’ve lost, and how they can only rely on each other to stop this fake superman, and whoever is turning citizens into Kryptonite.

Scene 25. Luthor and Mercy (who is now fitted with her weapon-wielding cyborg arm from the Young Justice animated series) pick up Sister Crystal in Luthor’s limousine. Sensing a double cross, Sister Crystal kills Luthor’s bodyguards in the car, but is then knocked unconscious by a blast from Mercy’s cyber-arm. Luthor holds sister crystal captive as an unending source of Kryptonite to use against Superman, and then chips a piece of kryptonite off of one of his vitrified bodyguards for safekeeping.

Scene 26. Henshaw realises that the real Superman must have allied himself with Batman, and so he uses his nanotech cells to turn himself invisible, and his super speed to follow the Batmobile to the Batcave. Henshaw reveals himself in the Batcave, and throws the Batmobile at Superman, while Batman is still inside.

Superman grabs the Batmobile, and gets Batman out, and the two engage in a confrontation with Henshaw, who starts destroying the batcave with his heat vision. Alfred shoots Henshaw several times, but to no avail, and the cyborg keeps walking towards the old man, hand outstretched, intending to crush Alfred’s skull. Unexpectedly, a blast from a cannon on the Bat-plane shoots Henshaw away from Alfred, and Batman crashes the plane into Henshaw, trapping him between the plane and the wall of the cave.

Superman melts Henshaw’s metal arms using his heat vision, and the molten metal sticks Henshaw to the side of the Batcave, trapping him. Batgirl and Robin arrive in the Batcave, and Henshaw turns his head to fire his laser vision at them, but Superman jumps in the way of the beams to protect them, and is seriously injured as a result.

Batgirl and Robin search for an EMP device to deactivate Henshaw, while he shoots laser beams in random directions in anger, due to being unable to move. Batgirl finds a device, but not being familiar with it, she tosses it to Batman. Robin disables Henshaw’s laser eye beams by throwing a birdarang at his eyes, and Batman activates the device, creating an EMP strong enough to disable all of Henshaw’s nanotech, causing him to disassemble into metallic dust.

Superman questions Batman about his no killing rule, to which Batman responds “He wasn’t a man anymore. He wasn’t alive, he was just an angry robot.” He also notes that he doesn’t want his crusade to cost anymore lives, and there is a flashback to the Joker beating Jason Todd with a crowbar while laughing maniacally.

Scene 27. Batman sends footage of Henshaw in the Batcave to Commissioner Gordon, who exonerates Superman, and publicly proclaims him a hero.

Scene 28. Two weeks later, Batman and Superman each receive a psychic communication requesting they meet on a small uninhabited island in the Atlantic, where they meet up with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, The Flash, Cyborg, and Green Lantern (the Alan Scott version with the amazing cape), who tell them that there has been an alien communication from a planet called Apocalips, that threatened to destroy all life on Earth.


POST-CREDITS SCENE: Lex Luthor is seen in his lab, very angry at how his plan to kill Superman failed, yet happy that he had perfected his nanotech, and now had an inexhaustible source of kryptonite to use against him.

The camera pans out to reveal that Luthor has created hundreds of nanotech cyborg supermen, no longer with Henshaw’s minds, but this time slaves to his will. Luthor remarks that he is unstoppable now, that he will destroy Superman, and that there’s nothing anyone can do about it.


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