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For those who didn't know, there is a series of books by Kelley Armstrong called Otherworld that was turned into a TV series. That right there is the only reason it didn't make my list of books that would make amazing movies. For that article, click HERE. The series is called Bitten. A Canadian production, the show has been cancelled and is going into its very last season, Season 3. That is extremely unfortunate, since this show has gripping plot points, good writers, and a wonderful cast including Laura Vandervoort, better known for Smallville.

Laura Vandervoort
Laura Vandervoort

Bitten is about a world in which werewolves and witches exist. It follows the adventures of the New York pack in Stonehaven, a pack that includes the only female werewolf in history, Elena Michaels. Last season she battled the only male witch, Allister, as they worked to save one of the most powerful witches, Savannah. The season ended with a chilling premonition by that self-same witch. Stonehaven in flames.

That being said, a sneak peek of the final season has been released. Check it out:

Elena is addressing the audience... or is she? Has she told someone about the premonition? Does someone other than Savannah have an idea of what the future holds? Are they part of the New York pack? Are they a witch? Could it be she is addressing her boyfriend Clay? There are too few clues to tell anything concrete from the clip.

However, what is clear is that this premonition has chilled Elena to her core. She believes she might be the end of Stonehaven. Is this something she's found out from some other source or is Elena simply thinking of Allister and the prophecy the witches had that a male witch would be the downfall of all?

What is certain is that this makes me very eager to see the first episode of Season 3. Check it out! It airs on February 12 on Syfy.


Have you watched Bitten yet? What did YOU think?


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