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The Rocky franchise is one of the greatest that ever happened. It tells such a wonderful and inspiring story. It's pretty hard to choose which was the best out of the entire franchise, because there are so many to choose from, and they are all so great. The best part of these movies isn't just the boxing, it's the story of Rocky Balboa. In my eyes, and I'm sure many others, Rocky was a absolute hero and here are a few of the reasons why.

1. Who Rocky was at heart

Rocky lived a very hard and grimy life. He didn't have much of anything and didn't have anyone too good around, at first. All he knew was he had to do whatever he could and give his all to make it in life. Watching his early life could cause the hardest of hearts to melt and bring the toughest of men to tears. The way of his life produced in him such great character. Most people who lived like him could easily turn out to be really bad and hateful people, yet Rocky was the kindest and most positive person somehow. He was charming, but not in a suave way, but because he was himself.

He did have his downfalls. He wasn't very educated and informed on many things considered important in life. Neither was he always very formal, dignified, and eloquent. He talked funny and sometimes too much. However, none of that even mattered because of who he was. He was honest, humble, forgiving, warm, golden-hearted, strong, and a courageous man - he had the character of a true hero.

2. How he loved Adrian

Rocky and Adrian were something like polar opposites. Rocky worked his body; Adrian worked her mind, Rocky was direct and talkative; Adrian was painfully shy and quiet. Rocky considered himself as less and of little importance. Adrian was uncomfortable with herself and didn't open up to anyone. With their opposite personalities, they fit together perfectly. Like he said to Paulie in the first movie

"I dunno...she fills gaps."

..."I dunno she's got gaps, I got gaps, together we fill gaps".

He held her high and never let a moment go by without her knowing how much he cared about her and thought she was beautiful. He would sometimes push her out of her comfort zone and she in return knew his heart and received his love.

3. He trained like no other

Rocky's body was amazing! He was in incredible shape and it didn't come easy. It came from very intense and long training, the kind of training that will make you cry and that required serious dedication.

It was no joke, it required the mind even more then just the body to do those workouts and build his body into what it needed to be. You see through each movie how much stronger and more toned his body becomes and it blew my mind seeing the techniques used. Not just anyone could do this, your mind and heart had to be ready and right, and Rocky's was every time.

4. Rocky really cared about people

When Paulie wasn't very friendly and would challenge Rocky, he very easily could have threatened him and be justified in most eyes, instead Rocky would just let it go or very calmly tell him what's right. He was always considerate of Paulie and forgave him for so much wrong and never held it over his head, even when Paulie was disrespectful toward his own sister Adrian or caused them to lose their fortune.

When little Marie, in the first movie, was hanging with the wrong crowd on a street corner, he got her away from those people and walked her home. While on the walk him, he was honest with her and talked with her, giving her a life lesson about the way people would view her for her actions and words.

There are many other things that can be said about Rocky Balboa as a character and about the creation of this character and movie, but I'll leave it to just expressing my love for him now and why I think he is so awesome. I do wish that there were more men and people in general who were like him, because his character is a lot of what we need to be and see in our lives everyday.


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