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If you are a big fan of The Big Bang Theory then you’ll be glad to be reading this wonderful news!

First of all, let’s celebrate the fact that this show has managed to reach 200 episodes by its 9th season. That is not a common feat; most shows (not including soap operas) don't get to the 200th episode. It is an achievement matched by shows such as Friends, Grey’s Anatomy and ER.

And now, to the actual news.

Adam West - the original Batman is one of the many guest stars that will be part of episode 200!

Big Bat-Theory!

Holy News Batman!
Holy News Batman!

This is a wonderful way to conduct a celebration for the 200th episode of this beloved show!

Adam West has been a character that the Big Bang Theory gang has long admired. As the original Batman he represents the classic superhero, and even though I didn't grow up with this Batman, it is safe to say that I love how funny, simple and family-friendly his television show was.

But now, let's talk about the 200th episode!

Celebrating a Special Occasion

The Cast After Taping the 200
The Cast After Taping the 200

After 200 "Bazingas" you probably have come to love The Big Bang Theory gang, and that includes Sheldon Cooper. That is why this episode is special. It’s Sheldon’s birthday!

I think it is a sweet and special reason to have many characters come back and gather with the gang to toast Sheldon’s existence. I won’t give much away about the episode, but you will want to tune in if you want to see some familiar faces that haven’t been on the show for a long time (like Leslie Winkle) and Adam West, who is a very special guest to the gang’s celebration.

Let’s all toast for many more wonderful episodes to come!


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